Hello, World!

This is pretty close to what my brain looks like.
Source: Google search “scatterbrained”

I guess this is my first official blog post on WordPress.com!

This website and blog is a work in progress (story of my life!) and I really hope that I can build up some kind of base. I plan to use this to elaborate on my projects as well as an outlet to vent, but to also display a portfolio of my work. But then again, I already have a whole separate page on here stating the same, so why be redundant?

I’m at work right now typing this to keep myself occupied. I’m half-awake and I’m only 1/6 of the way through my six-hour 2 to 8 shift. I work at a library as a library aide. The job description? Help the patrons with problems on the computer. Because this is a public post, I’ll simply say that the job description and the actual job that I’m having to do doesn’t always match. Nonetheless, it’s a cozy job. That is, until I land something in graphic design.

I mean, I can freelance ’til the cows come home, but I rather have some steady footing in this industry. Sadly for me, the graphics industry seems to be built on freelancing as graphic design houses seem far and few. But hopefully I’ll get lucky in three to five years. Hell, my portfolio is big enough! And there’s a reason why some non-partnered YouTubers have come to me, willing to pay me $30, to make them an intro for my blog. Though I haven’t sought work lately, mainly due to this past semester of school, this is still my motivation. To quote supermodel Iman on Bravo’s The Fashion Show (paraphrasing a movie line), “If you design, they will come.” If I keep designing, I’m confident that they will eventually come.

My mom is going 50/50 with me on a 2011 13″ MacBook Pro. I’m eyeballing ones listed on Amazon for no more than $850. That’s another key reason why I haven’t been doing much work. It’s killing me! The seven year-old Gateway laptop that I currently use has been good to me over the past three years, but due to my initial ignorance when it comes to RAM limitations, along with wear and tear, it’s time to put the machine out to pasture. This Mac will mean better performance, more music from this one-man music house, even better graphics from this one-man design house (Cinema4D anyone?) and ultimately, more videos displaying my many thoughts and opinions.

Yes, I am juggling these tasks, along with part-time work, school semesters, a vibrant family life and a social life that’s limited by choice, but this is how a structured, ambitious twenty-three year-old does things. I mean, if you want things done right, you have to do it yourself, huh?

—-Javan H.

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