Dream Log: June 3, 2012


I’m already a bad sleeper, but last night was very…awkward. I am also a heavy dreamer. Too bad I no-longer friends with the Psych major I met while living in Atlanta in 2011 because he’d help analyze my dreams, most of whom dealt with anxiety. I can’t remember the order from last night, but here it goes:

Steffy’s Pet Octopus–Octopi, squid and cuttlefish are all my biggest fear. I also have dreams of them frequently, likely because of this. Well, in this one, I was dreaming of random shots of octopi swimming. Then, it cuts to Jacqueline MacIness Wood, the awesome actress who plays Steffy Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful (and the lady whose eye was sliced open on Final Destination 5) and her pet octopus. She was about to clean out its fish tank, so she had him in a plastic bag before letting him swim swim freely in her sink for the time being. That was the end of the dream, the part where I woke up. I chose the recite the Press Your Luck theme song in my head to get the horrific images of octopi, their suction cups and their cat eyes out of my head.

Keith Haring, Curiously on Film–I’m in bed watching TV, my bed situated almost beneath the TV. The version of the song “Girls on Film” used in last year’s H&M ads begins to play. The music video was a fly-through of Keith Haring-esque animations. I was enjoying it as the graphics and setup were amazing! But I felt something coming on.

In graphic design and visuals, there are three things I’m infatuated with, both in a good and bad way: fire, electricity/lightning and yellow objects with red outlines. These  have been thorns in my side from the day I was born. I’m not sure–maybe it’s something to do with my [undiagnosed] Asperger’s or OCD, but the obsession is there. You’ll notice that in the CD covers on my Still Graphics page.

So from this point in the dream, I block much of my view with my comforter, only allowing me to see the top edge of the video. Surely enough–a jack-o-lantern with fire eyes, some other fire objects and some figures nearly identical to the Keith Haring piece featured above. The video ends with a different 80s rock song, I forgot which, before cutting to a man walking into a pet store run by a staff that all looks like Curious George anthropomorphs (Arthur or Ms. Piggy are examples of anthropomorphs). The end.



–Javan H.

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