Dream Log: June 5, 2012 and DL: 6-3-12 Follow-Up

Originally typed yesterday, but postponed due to power outage.


Wet Trunks–I can’t remember much of this dream from yesterday, but I vividly remember being in bed, sharing an intimate moment with a close friend of mine. Yes, it was a sexual dream that many people have, but certain key details stood out. We were in a room dimly lit by the light from the windows, and the TV was on. It was literally a blur, though. My friend was in black underwear while I was in red, and the made notice of how “excited” I was. I won’t go into further detail, but that’s where the dream ended.

A former friend from Atlanta, a psych major whom I’ve probably mentioned in the previous dream log, taught me about how certain aspects of our dreams tend to have specific meanings, though they shouldn’t always be read into too much. He also stated that I should be aware of my emotions in the dream, as well as after I’ve woken up (my response to the dream, in other words). From here, I need to identify the key themes in the dream: close friend, underwear, the color red, the color black, TV, a bed and a bedroom.

According to DreamMoods.com, being in your underwear could represent privacy or hidden feelings. The color red is linked to energy, but also shame, sexual impulses and urges. The color black is linked to the subconscious, mystery or rejection, but also potential possibilities, as in the case of the relatively positive dream. The description for a fuzzy TV was straight-forward: the need to re-evaluate an issue or way of thinking. Bed and bedrooms, of course, are said to be related to intimacy. Most inportantly, the visual of this close friend could be linked to positive news, but also aspects within the self that are being rejected.

Taking all of these keywords in mind, I think about my sexual nature, which is something I tend to downplay with good reason. I tend to have little respect for people who flaunt their sexual tendencies, so I feel the need to downplay or withhold my own strong tendencies because I feel that playing on them would make me a hypocrite and a bit of a whore. My repression of these tendencies is a theme in many of my dreams, and a large part of my daily life, not necessarily in a good way.  Even my closest of friends insist that this way of thinking is very unfair to myself and others, so the analogy to the blurry TV makes sense. But taking the other details in consideration, it could represent positive news on this front. Either way, I had a sense of euphoria in the dream, and a sense of disappointment afterward because the event in the dream didn’t exist.

Now, let’s look at the themes in my last dream log: Jacqueline M. Wood (one of my favorite actors), a snake, an octopus, a plastic bag, a kitchen sink, and the colors silver, white and grey. The vision of an actor or actress could be linked to pleasure, or an admiration for this person or their traits. Snakes represent deception, or the feeling of being deceived or threatened. As much as I hate them and could never, ever look at one, octopi are common in my dreams. Remember, this was a grey-colored octopus contorted in a Ziploc bag. Octopi are representative of, surprise-surprise, ENTANGLEMENT AND CLOUDY JUDGEMENT! Story of my life! Grey could be for confusion and emotional distance/attachments, and the Ziploc represent burdens. Despite when I display, the face I have on, I do feel that I have a lot on my plate.

The room was white, the color of a “clean slate,” which ties into the kitchen sink which is said to represent cleansing. The sink was silver, which relates to purity and justification. What this dream says to me is that I’m looking to be freed from the drama. By drama, I mean pretty much everything I face or feel the need to tackle on a daily basis: friends who I’m always questioning their associations, school, work, my future (career and adult life ahead, and how to get there), family responsibilities, finances, my own health (heart palpitations and shortness of breath), the dire need for revenge. What stuck out the most is that the octopus, though quite large for both the sink and the plastic bag, swam content in the silver sink.

He was free. The creepy being was free. As I type this in my station in the middle of the library floor, I’m getting a tad bit emotional…

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