Generation F — “F” for “F**ked”

I guess I’ll make that my new official name for this current generation that’s quickly controlling the world, i.e. today’s reckless, irresponsible, impressionable, sex-crazed teens and young adults. If you’re into astrology like me, I’m talking about my own Pluto in Scorpio generation, and the following Pluto in Sagittarius generation–Generations Y and Z respectively. These are all people born between the mid-1980s to the late 2000s. I say this because some of my early-20s peers and many of teens today seem very, very…how do I say…clueless.

I get into debates like these with a lot of my friends, especially the nineteen year-old, and what is their only rebut? LIVE! Live your life! But I am sticking to my judgment, and here’s why. Maybe it can be attributed to the fact that I’m from a very strict and structured family, but I have a huge distaste for recklessness. I’ll likely use that word many times in this blog. It seems that today’s world is filled with nothing but sex, partying and irresponsibility, while only considering the repercussions after the damage has been done. Through todays mainstream media, the common message seems to be that gratuitous sex and bad behavior is the way to get ahead in society. I have these discussions with my twelve year-old god-daughter all the time.

She likes to listen to these popular club anthems by artists who, in their public persona, send overly sexual messages promoting aimlessness, entitlement and materialism. This is displayed in a number of ways, whether it’s going to class saying that you’re sexy and you know it while wiggling your crotch, or thinking that dying your hair like a rainbow, blowing your lips up like a bubble and speaking in voices and accents other than your own will lead people to take you seriously, or being a girl wearing your uniform shorts mid-thigh or even re-enacting something that you saw a muscle-bound “thirty” year-old do to a random woman (whose face was blurred out) on your favorite reality show. All generations’ kids would say that the media had a significant impact on their actions, and this is the message that kids are receiving. To me, it’s like those many telemarketing calls and texts that we’re being bombarded with on our cell phones–it’s BAD for you.

Sex is the centerpiece of all of this, and because of that, it’s something that I’ve really come to have a general dislike for. Though possibly TMI, I enjoy things of a sexual nature just like any other human. But I feel that there’s a time and a place, that it’s something that should be intimate, regardless of the feelings or lack thereof between the two or more parties involved. Back when I was in high school, if you were having a lot of sex or even if you got pregnant, you were suddenly the black sheep. You were talked about somewhat shamefully. You were taboo to one degree or another. Fast forward less than ten years, and your sex stats and pregnancy seems to make you a celebrity in your circle! Grandmothers are closer and closer to my age, mothers are at the kitchen table with a toddler on the left and their long-division homework on the right and the dads are pumping the rest of the campus,  girls and boys, like gas tanks at Walmart! Now, this may be an unfair assessment and is my own exaggeration, but this is how I see the current state of things. This is the kind of complacency that I see, and the laziness of the actual parents of these youngsters are the root cause.

I want to touch on the subject of pregnancy, though. Though they can be dumb mistakes for some people, these mistakes do happen. I have a good friend of mine from high school with whom I still keep contact with regularly. She’s a few months younger than me (I’m 23), and she’s a strong, devoted and proud mother of two. She was an example of a teen who did what she had to do to take care of her child, and she has that devotion still to this day. This is why I hold her to such a high standard because she embodies what I’d like to see in these teen moms, these girls that are sixteen and pregnant–self-respect and responsibility. Basically my main issue with teen pregnancies of late isn’t that they exist, but that the moms seem to have a sense of entitlement, that because they’re very young and are still living with mommy, mommy is supposed to bear the responsibility of li’l momma and baby, and once mommy rightfully rejects that notion, li’l momma throws a fit as if mommy is their equal. See where I’m going with this?

My actual generation isn’t the most civil. You can recite the lyrics to “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” one of my favorite songs, but in this case, I would like to argue that my generation fanned the flames while the younger Pluto Scorps and older Pluto Sadges dumped the kerosene. To me, living life and doing what you enjoy, whether sex, nights at the club, trips to a concert, whatever, is a good thing. But my only wish? Think first. Respect yourself and those around you. Be civil. Be responsible. I just don’t see any responsiblity.

“Tonight, we are young. So let’s set the world on fire. We can make it brighter than the sun!” Hey, you can do that all you want! I’ll be right here on the moon with my extinguisher. Toodaloo!

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