‘Cause I’m a MacBook Pro with a MacBook Pro!’

A title card for my YouTube blog series showing off my new toy.

FINALLY, I have a Mac! I got one second-hand on Amazon (special shoutout to backplant from the NJ/NYC area–thank you very kindly) for about $850, and it is 100% worth it. I’ve had it around the time of my birthday at the end of June, but I have been preoccupied with either work or relaxing from it, hence the scarce posts and updates. Either way, I’ve gotten back into my music full force and thanks to my new Adobe CS5 and Cinema 4D copies, I am in the process of updating the genre templates I created initially on Sony Vegas so that I can post my music again, as well as the new gems that I have created in the past few weeks.

What is the transition from Windows to Mac like? Pretty smooth, if you’re computer savvy. A lot of the differences, to me, were common sense, like the  “command” key, for example. But along the way, I learned how .dmg is the Mac variant to .exe, and that programs are installed as apps that only really run once clicked on, rather than creating background clutter like in Windows. Either way, always remember to hit “Quit [Program Name]” in the program’s task bar when closing, otherwise the program is still running. Macs are so streamlined and user-friendly! The skeptics just need to actually give them a chance–a chance other then getting on one and becoming discombobulated when they can’t find Internet Explorer or the Task Manager from CTRL-Alt-Delete. But everyone has their needs. If you just need a computer, you can’t go wrong with a Windows machine, but my not-so-new MacBook Pro has proven to be a work horse that is up for the challenge of what I need it to do.

With four gigs of memory, a strong Intel processor and 150 gigs of free space on its 250 gig hard drive (my apps take up a LOT of room), my Mac is working like a streetwalker in Vegas–busy and competent. So with that, I have many of my own projects on the table: my current video blog series and some new and existing sub-series (Around Town, Real Housekids, Reviews and Tutorial), my own custom intros for The Bold and the Beautiful and Big Brother, and updates to my Space, Downtown, Ego and Equalizer music templates. Those are definitely good ways to beef up my 2D-laden portfolio.

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