“The Bold and the Beautiful” — Logan Privilege or Forrester Delusion?

The events of late make this video-still look tame.

I really didn’t expect to do back-to-back entries, but today’s episode of Bold and the Beautiful set the WORLD on fire! Yes, I know that some of the overseas viewers are a few seasons behind us, but the blaze coming from the legendary Hunter Tylo should be there very, very shortly.

Stephanie’s portmortem antics have caused an even deeper divide between the Logesters and the Forrones–a divide that makes the Grand Canyon look like a pothole in Baton Rouge. But with all that’s gone on over the past twenty-six years and with all that’s gone on in the past twenty-six days, can it be chalked up to Logan Privilege (LP) or Forrester Delusion (FD)?

Let’s keet it real: the Logesters have it all, basically. Brooke has had Ridge wrapped around her finger, she gets away with wrecking marriages and relationships and she has a solid place in a company that, if you really think about it, is a combination of her own hard work as well as being in good…too good…with the Forrester men. Seems like she gets rewarded for doing dirty, huh? Hope’s not even a Forrester and she has her own line, a line that seems to have nine lives. Rick is shady, but he’s had strong footing in the company ever since he was a young adult. Out of every believable possiblity, la Forrester selects her archnemesis Brooke to be with her ’til death. I’m leaving out quite a few things, but all of that seems to tip the scales, right? And I haven’t even listed the Forrones’ accomplishments. What, Steffy is that PR lady and has a youngsters’ intimites line while Thomas is one of the top designers. Um…oh, and Thomas was appointed temp. CEO, which lasted all of a week’s worth of shows. Yeah…surely sucks to be a Forrestone, but I get it. Moral corruptions aside, I still don’t don’t think it’s complete Logan Priviledge. Either way, one could argue that there’s at least some sort of bias in favor of them.

It seems to me that all Taylor wants is to have a fair shot at things so that her kids can have just as much of their family’s business as the opposite side. But they could have handled it better. See, if Taylor’s clan and Brooke’s were in opposite roles, I highly doubt that Taylor would deliberately make provisions just to be fair to Brooke, just like Brooke hasn’t done so as it is right now. Taylor and her kids would have taken things as they are just like Brooke and hers are doing. Would you blame them? Do you really think that Brooke, Rick and Hope are deliberately letting things fall in their favor just to get under Thomas, Steffy and Taylor’s skin? I call it happenstance. As unfair as it seems on the surface, I really do think it’s mostly fair with all things considered.

I won’t even begin to make up any rationale for Steffy because everything she does is out of spite and insecurity, but all Thomas seems to want is to have the shares and presence that are rightfully his and all Taylor wants is for her kids to succeed. I agree that Thomas deserved his keep and that Taylor is a great mother, but the way they’re going about this gets them nowhere. Acting out of years of frustration, they feel the need to threaten and throw fits as a way to make themselves heard and while they’re being heard, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll be listened to and taken seriously at this point, as opposed to now being see as loose cannons.

You know, I’ll go deeper and invoke a personal link to this. Thomas (with a little bit of Hope, even though I’m a guy) reminds me a lot of myself. He’s in his mid-twenties, he has a temper, he’s a prick at times but everyone can argue that he has a lot of charm and appeal and that he’s a great person deep down. He has values, he’s loyal to his family, he has strong opinions, he always seeks justice, he’s golden and he’s talented, but he feels that he’s the talent that everyone passes up. He feels he’s always left in positions that constrain him from being that beacon that he knows he is, the beacon that everyone close to him knows he is, the person he wants and deserves to be. So it’s come to a point where if anyone or anything steps in his way now, he sees red and reacts. I’m at work right now and I’m trying not to show any emotion. Having said that, I should be siding with him. I can’t.

I get him 100%, but there’s certain things you just can’t do if you want people to listen to you. What he should have done was to have a one-one-one sit-down with Eric and state his case in full, no wack-ass ~*~staff meeting,~*~ no sugar-coating. “Granddad,” as he says, “Grandma had no right to take this from me. I’m young and learning, but I feel that I’ve more than proved to this entire family and company that I can hold this position and that I deserve this position. Even if things remain that you are CEO, I figured that you’d have all the faith in the world in me to have me serve with you, just out of sheer fairness, despite how Grandma just did things. I mean, put yourself in my shoes. I’m literally in your footsteps and how would it feel if the rug was pulled from under you like this? You start to feel like years of learning, doing this out of the womb, basically–all for nothing. Legalities or whatever, the least I’d want is to be able to have what is rightfully mine.” That’s not to say that it would have worked, but it’s worth a shot. Quiet sounds open deaf ears. If that didn’t work, then lashing out would be warranted, even if a legal battle ensues.

And for all of my badmouthing of Taylor in recent weeks, she’s Mama Bear and she will fight to the death for her kids. But her constant need to get back at Brooke skew her efforts, in my eyes. And for her to now lash out on Stephanie just because she chose Brooke of all people–it wasn’t her decision, it was Stephanies. She doesn’t have to like it nor does she have to respect it, but she must deal with it. She’s gone, it’s done and it can’t be changed. So when Stephanie had the last word, like always, and made the whole house tremble at the end ot today’s show, I couldn’t have been happier. Taylor’s frustrations should be with Brooke and only Brooke. Not Hope, not Rick and for damn sure not Stephanie. She also has reasons to pick bones with Eric and Ridge for the sake of her family.

Oh! I almost forgot to address the tweet from one of my new favorites on Twitter:

Execellent point and I’m glad that it was brought up! This was the tweet that sparked me to write this entry. Both women are lashing out for similar reasons, but I look at it like this: Hope asked Bill repeatedly, “Leave me alone, leave me alone.” He didn’t, he didn’t deliberately and he made it his mission to go through great lengths to sabotage her, so Hope had to do her thing (see the paragraph on Thomas above). Taylor, however, hasn’t been in this situation, or not to this extent. Out of everone she has it out for, none one can honestly be blamed for deliberatly holding Taylor back as Bill did with Hope. The only one believable person would be Brooke, and even that’s a stretch as the majority, if not all of Brooke’s reunions with Ridge were due to the situations at the time, as well as his own vacillations. Also, while Hope doesn’t bother me, she’s definitely PsychoBarbie. Taylor can be Taylor’s own worst enemy and she’s good for letting her own paranoia get the best of her, ultimately turning things out of her favor.

Stepping out of my possibly disorganized argument, I want to touch on the cast themselves. B&B has what I call a Dream Team. It reminds me of MSNBC, a lot of talent (both the anchors and the pundits) with so little time to use them all in. Hunter and Kelly have stolen the show these days and Texas and Kris are finally given more time to shine, so the four of them get cookies for this week.

*Nota Bene (Latin for “note well” or “take note”): “You want a cookie?” is a sarcastic way of saying “Who cares? Good for you!” Surprisingly, some people still don’t know that.

I’ll also say shame on people who are talking about Kris’ lips. As we’ve all noticed, she has discoloration on her upper lip. Oh well, so what. We all have things on our bodies, whether it’s the common birthmark on the eye or a hematoma on the wrist. It’s there. Deal with it.

In conclusion, do I call it LP or FD? To be honest, I’ll have to call it both. It’s not for the sake of being objective, but for the sake of seeing all sides. Follow me on Twitter and check out my work on here and on YouTube. Until next time, toodaloo!

–Javan H.

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