“The Bold and the Beautiful” — Taylor Tells the Truth

I‘m supposed to be on my Mac launching Space Shuttles right now, but Hunter Tylo has been distracting me lately. She delivered yet another powerful performance as Dr. Taylor today, and she did the one thing that completely redeemed her alter-ego in my eyes–she expressed the real root of her anger. What is it? Doc feels that she’s losing everything. I can now relate as my mom, grandmother and the rest of my family are still grieving from a sudden death in the family two years ago.

Taylor, thanks to Stephanie scaring the bejeebus out of her, revealed to Eric that she feels that she’s losing it all–her livelihood, her friends, her family (Steffy living on her own, Thomas “running away” to Paris) and she also feels that her kids are losing out on opportunities due to the Logans. Despite the fact that she continues to blame Hope for the status of the Trifecta from Hell, I can officially say that I love Taylor again.

See, when you become bitter and you harbor things, and then you take things out on everyone around you whether warranted or not, it becomes hard for some people to sympathize. However, it’s hard for someone in her shoes to be open because of a fear of repercussion for sharing her true feelings. For what she expressed to Eric about Thomas losing his shares and not even being chosen to design with Eric, Eric could have easily taken that as Taylor being selfish or picking a fight. This is almost identical to a conversation I had with my boss and supervisor the other day. Just like my superiors, Eric, however, understood Taylor as did we all, and he literally allowed himself to be the shoulder she could cry on. She deserves it.

As for Hope, she’s turning into Steffy. She’s persistent, she’s out guns blazing for what she feels is rightfully hers (which he is) but I don’t like this. Liam was Hope’s to begin with, but despite the meddling and the place that they’re at two years into this damn storyline, I’d rather see Hope used that new fire on something worth it. To me, she’s spending some long-awaited lawsuit money on a doggone 1992 Camry. She can manage this way better. The least she should settle for is an ’05. I almost nabbed me one of those bad-boys, too! Dammit…

Related to this, I don’t think it was wrong for Taylor to tell Eric about Steffy being pregnant because it was part of her case that she was pleading to him and it’s all part of her, I guess, unofficial separation anxiety. I get it. Oh! I almost forgot… Did anyone notice the foreshadowing when Hope joked to Liam about how she was conceived? My-my-my, for Hope to walk in on her ne’er-do-well mother holding Bill’s face. I mean, Brooke did, at least, tell on herself at the end. I just hope she actually explains to Hope the actual back story rather than letting things get to the point where Hope thinks they had sex or something. I’m not making excuses, but it’ll make a world of difference. Then again, that’s too much like right for this crew.

I’m not sure what else to say on this as today’s episode didn’t require much digging, but it was definitely part of a string of great episodes and I want this streak to continue for the sake of Hunter Tylo, and for the sake of Bold and the Beautiful. Follow me on Twitter and check out my work on here and on YouTube. Until next time, toodaloo!

–Javan H.

**Images courtesy of blogs.sheknows.com and Images.gtcarlot.com.

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