“The Bold and the Beautiful” — Response to @Liz_Sibs

This blog is in response to someone I follow on Twitter: @Liz_Sibs from the web show “Lather Up with Littany.” She’s new to B&B, watching since her favorite, Crystal Chappell, was added to the show last year. During today’s episode, she asked:

Hey! Well, to be honest, I liked the idea of a Brill or even a Teric reunion, but given what’s going on right now, i.e. Bill and Katie already being married and Stephanie hardly lukewarm in the ground (she hasn’t even had a funeral), I’m not a fan of the feelings.

I think it’s safe to assume that Bill and Brooke will always have feelings for each other. Katie kickstarted this whole thing, but the two of them, Bill and Brooke, should be handling this way better nonetheless. What worsens it is the fact that HOPE is now hip to this whole thing. Even though Brooke explained things to her exactly as they happened, just like Bill to Justin, that still doesn’t excuse the two of them. Now, had Katie not been in the picture and Bill and Brooke were single, that pairing would have lit up all of LA as it’s fire with fire. They’re hot, they’re aggressive, they’re ruthless and I love them both. In retrospect, it was in late 2011 when Bill was fantasizing about Brooke showing him her bosom, so it was already sort of a lingering issue.

From here, one could ask, “Do you think Bill should leave Katie for Brooke?” Not at all. Bill brought himself into a commitment with a woman he still loves, and they have a baby together. It would look really sloppy for him to do such a thing as he’s doing something that’s, in my opinion, worse than what Katie did. Katie wasn’t in the right state of mind, but in this case, Bill is.

As for Taylor and Eric, they already have a slight backstory as they had a little tiny romance a while back. But in this instance, she’s one of three woman making herself available to a grieving Eric. Her planting one on him was a knee-jerk reaction to Eric giving Taylor, for the sake of her family, more than she ever anticipated–making Thomas V.P. serving overseas. I get her response, but I’d rather it not go any farther than that, or at least not this soon.

To elaborate on today’s show, I like that Eric gave Thomas props in a big way (seventh paragraph), but with his behavior lately, it would have been better for him to go overseas to learn rather than assume a leadership role right out of the gate. That’s not to say that he can’t lead, but it’s more than clear that he loves power a little too much. After all, that’s how Rick ended up nestled in leaves, sticks and fake glass. He’s a designer in his mid-20s trying to compete with a veteran who’s pushing forty. Rick was only a few years older than what Thomas is assumed to be now when he ran Forrester Int’l, and those exact few years could be placed on Thomas so that he can have the same kinds of training an experience that Rick had. It’s just like I have to tell my eight year-old goddaughter about her Tae Kwon Do lessons–you’re not going to be up there with the older kids just because. You have to work for it, be patient and be fair.

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–Javan H.

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