“The Bold and the Beautiful” — Major Pushback

Today is just what I expect from Bold and the Beautiful on a Friday–it went out with a BANG. Hope managed to send a newly pregnant Steffy flying across her own office with the edge of the desk pressed right up against that rapidly filling womb. This created yet another heated debate on Twitter between the two factions (#TeamBrooke and #TeamTaylor) and one of the main arguments was how Hope always seems to react in violence. Hope always seems to react in violence–true bill or did Hope have her fill?

FutureHope has had quite the temper lately. First was the slap that led to the chocolate fight, then Hope pulled a Tiger Woods on the balcony door and now she sends her nemesis (pregnant, unbeknownst to her) hurdling into a mahogany desk. Once can definitely conclude that she has anger issues a la Golnesa from Shahs of Sunset, and the fact that she’s a spoiled and immature teen/20 year-old doesn’t help matters. But I refuse to say that I blame the Logan, Jr. in her reactions, at least to a degree.

Everyone has their breaking point. With that said, everyone is likely to reach their breaking point repeatedly, even amidst the same situation. This is no different. Looking at the entire chronology of this whole entire god-forsaken storyline, Hope was likely the least of the countless aggressors. Well, towards the beginning, at least. But look at how she’s handled the matters in the past; how many times has she repeatedly tried to reason with Bill, asking him to simply leave her alone? Hasn’t she even had a conversation with Taylor about this? And how often did Steffy deliberately intervene and allow things to happen, just so she could win? We have nearly a whopping two years of that and all of a sudden we want to say that Hope is wrong for, dare I say it, defending herself? Rachel says: BULLPUCKEY!

Rachel Maddow and her brand new “bullpuckey alarm.” (MSNBC, 2013)

That’s not to say Hope has ever been off the hook and it’s not to say that violence is ever the answer, but we can’t logically paint Hope as some sort of lunatic with the rage of someone belonging in a mental institution or an Aquarius (same thing) without looking at antics past. Where were the people complaining about the many instances of Stephanie strangling and bitch-slapping people for one reason or another, or Ridge fighting people and destroying things including but not limited to himself and his own brother more than once? Now, Ridge seems to be universally disliked, but again, no one complains about Stephanie. Why? Because whether she was right or wrong, whether her victims actually did something to her or not, the world roots for her, myself included. In this case, you have Hope lashing out on people who have actually done something to her, but many take issue with that because they are against her and are in favor of Steffy. Tell me I’m lying.

I’ll bring up a tweet from someone a while back saying that “they knew I had a bias” because I’m always saying bad things about Taylor and Steffy. You’re damn right I did and I said those “negative” things because I didn’t like what I was seeing in those two characters, much like we all dislike what we see out of Brooke on the regular. If you say that you don’t have a bias when it comes to judging characters and justifying claims, you’re lying worse than Stephanie did about her heart attack. But I form my opinions based on the entire concept and associated storylines as a whole rather than what the character did in whatever span of time. If I judged things based on, again, Stephanie’s antics, I’d view her worse than the devil. I don’t. I love Stephanie and while I disagreed with many of her angles, I got her. That’s called being fair, to me.

So to those who defend Steffy and her family ’til death, I get you. To those who defend Hope and her family ’til death, I get you. Just keeping it real. Not sure where else to go with this rant, so I’ll bow out.

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–Javan H.

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