“The Bold and the Beautiful” — Teric and Brill: Terrible and Shrill?

Today’s Valentines’s Day episode of Bold and the Beautiful got way more in-depth with the newly-minted Teric (Taylor and Eric) and Brill (Brooke and Bill) storylines–perhaps a little TOO in-depth. As soon as I saw Eric walk up to an apartment door listening in on a woman moaning, which happened to be Taylor doing pilates or something…my ears exploded. And no, it wasn’t because of the Space Shuttle sound effects I was working on. Things managed to become easier to stomach once we cut to Bill, Katie and baby Will. However, Bill and Brooke couldn’t resist thinking about each other, and that big-ass pile of Zane novels didn’t help either, right? Oh look…the novel’s called Stallion-something. Smh.

Look, it’s way too soon for Eric to even think about giving himself to anyone right now. There’s no conceivable way that this man, if he were real, would jump right over to a former fling/friend in the family/daughter-figure while his iconic wife is barely six inches in the ground. For chrissakes, she hasn’t even had a got-damn funeral yet! Like the immortal Maggie Griffin would say, “It’s disrespectful, got-dammit! Jesus Christ!” The timing of it all is the main reason, if not the only reason, why I’m not a fan of this pairing.

As for Brill, I’ve said it repeatedly before on Twitter and I’ll say it again here: Brooke and Bill could be on fire. But he’s married. Had it not been for that, I’d be all over this. Both are aggressive, both are sexy, both are bosses and both are morally corrupt in a way that keeps you watching to see what they’re going to do next. Between Lang’s evil glares and Diamont’s demonic sneers, the thought of those characters being together just does something to me as a viewer. However, I love Katie and I’d hate to see them divorce. Do I think it’s inevitable? No, not inevitable, but possible, meaning that it wouldn’t surprise me if it did happen.

I have to jump back for a moment. With the juicy storylines that have popped up since Stephanie died, the story that has captivated me the most is Maya. Maya–not just a character, but a storyline. I remember last Fall when the two actors, soap veterans, were cast for the then unnamed additions. I had a lot of hope, especially knowing that it was to be an expansion of the underfed Marcus and Dayzee stories. But upon seeing things play out, the character of Maya has captivated me for some reason. She’s an off-putting associate from Dayzee’s past, fresh out of jail for a crime she didn’t commit, who’s suddenly on a wild goose chase for the daughter that she “legally” gave up for adoption. It’s definitely a simple enough premise and backstory, but I see potential in this character. I don’t know what it is. I just hope that she and Carter don’t go the way of Drs. Meade and Barton.

To put the icing on the cake, though, Maya’s actress Karla Mosley tweeted me yesterday:

And like responses from Wood, Spears and most recently, Tylo, the response from Mosley made my day as well.

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–Javan H.

P.S.: What the hell is Taylor doing in an apartment? What happened to the beach house?

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