“The Bold and the Beautiful” — bqhatevwr

“Bqhatevwr.” That’s become an internet meme ever since former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown posted this drunken tweet. It’s also how I’ll describe my day thus far as well as today’s episode of Bold and the Beautiful, both as a positive and regative connotation respectively. As I tweeted earlier, today’s show consisted of five Muppet Babies in which two of them were in one room trying to figure out up from down, and the remaining three were being impossible, specifically the “mothers.” However, it’s tomorrow’s episode that I want to DVR-forward to as this whole entire trap was brought to life with Hope to Liam’s right and an increasingly bloated Steffy to his left.

That actually sums up today’s show, but this blog is more devoted to…well…stuff. A lot has been going on with me the past few days, everything from paying a speeding ticket for the first time to finally realizing a dream, a dream so high that not too long ago even a Space Shuttle might not have been able to reach it. But the biggest milestones of late came from The Bold and the Beautiful Universe and a multi-Grammy award-winning music house.

Commonly mentioned in these postings, B&B Universe caught wind of my remake of the Bold and the Beautiful theme song. That link is the main mix that I created, and I have an additional six or seven mixes that I might not have enough storage for to post on Soundcloud, but will be using them as the score for my next Shuttle launch.

Nota Bene: The crews of my Shuttle animations are named after casts of TV shows, etc. Learn more by clicking on the “National Aerospace System” link above.

SM-2 Crew Photo

This crew photo is modeled after ‘B&B.’ Can you guess who’s who?

From this, B&B Universe approached me about the possibility of creating some work for a new venture. I want to make clear that I am very much interested in whatever they’d like for me to do. I really appreciate what they do, I support them and they’ve really supported me and these blogs, so I’m more than happy to return any favor and I already have ideas lined up.

Still reeling from that, I saw a response from a major music house (I won’t name them) for another cover that I posted of one of their pieces. Basically, they were really impressed with what I did and they’ve actually extended an offer for me to submit some of my work! This was while I was checking my tweets from today’s B&B. After the quick exchanges, I had to call my mom and best friend to tell them the news. I fell out on the kitchen rug, nearly conking my head on the cabinets because I couldn’t believe what just happened! It goes back to a question I always ask, albeit sarcastically: “Who does that?” Who does that?”

People submitting score music to production companies is a dime-a-dozen as there’s a lot of musical talent out there, especially on the instrumental front. But to have a company that you’ve admired for the past several years upon first learning about them–to have them actually see and hear your work and approach you–it’s amazing. I’m not coming from a place of, “Oh, they want my graphics, they want a theme, they want my music…I’M GONNA WIN A GRAMMY,” no. It’s the sheer fact of putting so much devotion to something I love, and having it acknowledged in these ways. It really has me feeling like I’ve accomplished something, especially coming out of some very emotionally taxing situations over the past several months. You get me?

Bqhatevwr. The most I can do is continue to do what I do. I do it because I love it and I like to share it with everyone. Riding to work today in the rather dense rain, though it’s eased up, I had this very vivid picture from a while back of Steffy riding to Liam’s house ready to tell him she’s pregnant. She had this glow as she fled her way there, that is, until she caught him with Hope. Either way, the prior is how I felt today. That’s how I feel right now, actually. I just feel…respected.

–Javan H.

P.S.: If you haven’t already, please check out the related article. It’s why I used Thomas as my headline photo.

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