“The Bold and the Beautiful” — Shame on You (And Your Kids, Too)

I was trying to prolong this entry until Friday, but with all that’s been going on (including a new Catholic from Argentina being selected as pope, hired, however you’d like to phrase it), I couldn’t wait, so let’s make like Ed Schultz and get to work.

I’ve taken some heat for coming across as if I’m defending Brooke and the Logans’ M.O.s and I made it clear that that wasn’t the case. Coincidentally, todays episode proved my point. See, with the way things had been going with Taylor essentially finding her voice and her kids defending their family, I disagreed vehemently with the way in which they handled it, even though they had valid points without a doubt. But over the past week and change, Brooke has taken her legacy antics to a-whole-nother level. She’s begun to make herself look like the same micromanaging psychopath that she accuses Taylor of being.

The root of it all? The sales figures were revealed today (yes, finally back to business at FC), and they really weren’t in Rick’s favor. I continue to invoke politics in my articles because all of this works the same way. Thomas wants to run Forrester progressively, invoking new ideas that may be crazy like a fox, but may also be necessary for today’s standards and atmosphere, expenses be damned. Rick, however, stands strong on the basic foundation of the company, not completely adapting with the times — all for the sake of staying true to what he believes Forrester stands for and saving money just the same. This rationale clearly isn’t working out for him. All of this upped Taylor’s confidence in her children being able to have solid managerial input to bring Forrester back in the black. Now that we viewers have solid evidence to make an accurate claim, it’s time for them to make drastic changes, even if it means staging a coup to have Thomas replace Rick.  There. I said it. Sue me. I mean, we saw the chart. It looked like a damn mudslide.

Brooke, now is not the time to take a business crisis and make it about a piece-ass rivalry between crazy, crazier and the wack-ass children. You get me? I will say that if looks could kill, Taylor would be dead. Lang and those eyes — they’re like lasers! I can’t remember if it was before or after this when Hope came to have a little talk with Steffy. Just seeing either of the Three makes me cringe, but seeing Hope in the doorway — “Lord, here we go” is exactly what came out of my mouth. Now, the bottom line of this scene is that Hope asked Steffy to leave Forrester Creations. Okay, my first instinct is for Steffy to slap the taste out her mouth as Hope seems to be pulling a similar stunt Steffy tried in 2010. But then I though about some of B&B‘s most recent…lackluster…cliffhangers. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Hope is referring to a maternity leave. If she is, kudos. If not, piss off. That’s to Hope, not you, the reader.

Bottom line to that, Rick needs to answer his phone as he might not have that, what’s-it, Forrester del Rodeo for too long, Brooke needs to quit doing everything she’s currently arguing against and Hope needs to quit forcing this weird niceness and acceptance. It’s doing my head in. The show has been great lately, even trending on Twitter rather frequently. It’s triggered so much emotion; the antics of these people have gotten me fed up with a lot. I wanted to talk about my favorite person on B&B, Maya, but I refuse to blog her alongside this filth. Toodaloo, people.

–Javan H.

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