“The Bold and the Beautiful” — That’s Maya, Which One Is Caroline?

I’ve been wanting to do this blog for the past month almost, so now’s my chance. Maya. She’s…Maya. For some reason, even when I used to call her “Crazy Light-Skinned Chick” on Twitter when she first came on the scene, I knew she’d bring an indescribable something to the show. Maya and her portrayer, Karla Mosley, did not disappoint.

One of my all-time favorites for some reason, Maya is a character that doesn’t come from a privileged background–not even a lower middle-class background. She’s rough around the edges while having a spark and a beauty that could put any of today’s top models to shame. She’s also vulnerable as she’s fresh out of prison for a crime she didn’t commit, and she’s lost her daughter who she’s been waiting a long time to hopefully be reunited with. With that said, the last thing she needs is for someone to give her false hope.


Rick and Maya were unlike anything I’ve seen on B&B in recent time. She’s a character with more layers than a doberge (dough-bash) cake, and it took someone like Rick to reveal those layers. As for her, she humanizes him. She takes an already shady, pointed and crude character and makes him into someone you could actually see maintaining a stable relationship. The fade-to-black shot of him laying on her couch on his way to sleep had a lot of power and depth, emphasizing their dynamic. EvenMosley and Young seem to have a great chemistry, which can easily ruin any set of characters. Either way, Rick is a Forrester. As many fortunes as it brings, it was nothing more than an albatross in this situation as he knew that it would push her away. Unfortunately for us, it did.

Maya fell in love with “Homeless” Rick–a Rick who she felt would understand her and her struggles. You know, a Rick who would be fully honest with her. But what she fails to see is that Rick felt he had to hide who he is because an executive like him would never stand a chance with her. He was right. I do hope, however, that Bell brings those two together, and I hope to the heavens that the character of Maya doesn’t fall by the wayside or worse: get turned into a monster.


Who the hell is she? I’m serious. She’s made a 270-degree turn from where she began. I actually remember, in late 2011, when the casting call first went out. Upon the announcement of Caroline Spencer, she was described and introduced as a continuation of the original Caroline Spencer legacy. Remember the charity? But once she got trapped in the love triangle between Rick and Thomas, as well as her uncle Bill’s shenanigans, she became a slightly more reasonable version of Hope. I’ve seen many tweets sharing this same thought, noticing this redundancy. Nonetheless, that was a smooth transition–one that few probably picked up on. Hell, some probably wouldn’t call that a transition, but rather an extension of her character. Enter Maya.

Caroline, or Teresa Heinz-Kerry as I’ve been calling her because of that blinding red dress, has become a spoiled brat who acts as if her own charity doesn’t exist. The first episode of the transition was when she learned that her’s and Rick’s date was volunteering at Dayzee’s. My initial reaction to her dialogue was that she was simply thrown for a loop and would eventually come around. I mean, she has a charity, right? But as time passed, she has truly become a whiny, desperate witch! All I could do is hang my head in comedic shame as she stripped to her skivvies thinking that would steer Rick back towards her. C’mon, chick?!

Same hair, same clothes…

Bottom line, she’s truly doing the most, and we have to realize that she’s gone through these changes because she has to fill in a void. Now that Rick has his sights set on Maya, Caroline has to be someone who would put up a fight. It really wouldn’t make sense had it come from the original Sweet Caroline.

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–Javan H.

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