“The Bold and the Beautiful” — Where’s Your Voice?

There’s a lot to be said. I mean, there’s always a lot to be said about Bold and the Beautiful, but even further, there is a lot to be said actually on Bold and the Beautiful. Five bosses are going toe-to-toe among each other…only that’s not what’s really happening. This blog was sparked by a tweet by @_SimplyDavon.

Now, while I’m vehemently anti-Brooke when it comes to her persistently meddling into Bill and Katie’s marriage (as if it’s anything new), that tweet raises a good point in which Bill is an instigator in a lot of this. Nonetheless, if Brooke really gave a fig about her sister, she would have slapped Bill and gone the other way. In the beginning, they were both vulnerable–Brooke and Stephanie had their parting ‘whatevers,’ Katie was in a deep depression and Bill and Brooke were convenient to each other. But all of that is over. Bill…is…married. He is married to her sister with a child. That is where his responsibility and loyalty should lie, not with Brooke. And he sure in the hell shouldn’t have dabbled into the whole Brooke’s Bedroom thing, a genius idea nonetheless, without consulting his wife first, just based on simple morals and respect for their marriage.

None of what I’m saying is new or directly relevant to my argument. My actual claim is that Brooke had leverage to say, “Well let me show you the ‘texes’ that your man has been sending me. Wait…” as she scrolls through her phone, “So on and what-not,” to prove that her man, her mogul-husband-baby daddy, is often coming to her. Am I right? I mean, he did say that he feels he married the wrong Logan and that the old Katie was a lot more like Brooke? She was, but I digress. Hell, when a man compares his fling to their sibling, doesn’t that give license for an automatic ass-whooping?

But let me say this, let me say this: would this not…be a great episode of Cheaters? I mean, they haven’t actually cheated, but it would be a damn good episode in the making! In this debacle as a whole, Brooke doesn’t have much wiggle room either which way because she’s allowed things to get as far has they have. “Feelings” be damned, I’ve had feelings and/or urges for many forbidden fruit. I have one right now, actually–an urge for a forbidden fruit. But it’s forbidden. Ethics don’t just apply to work, but to life, family, and marriage and relationships also. Brooke has none and never will.

That brings us to Dayzee and Caroline versus Maya. Whatever happened to “Crazy Light-Skinned Chick” who acted like she wanted to kill Dayzee? How do you let some rich, bougie, entitled girl-troll get in your face like that? I don’t care right or wrong, Caroline needs her ass beat Basketball Wives-style, and I don’t even watch that mess (yet I watch Real Housewives. Don’t ask…). The heart of it doesn’t really lie with Caroline as she’s defending what she thinks is her man. Dayzee is a damn instigator. I think a lot of people had problems with Dayzee ever since she was first introduced because she has a slight…not sanctimony but self-righteousness, because there’s a difference. While I’ve always liked her, she’s dead wrong here.

See, she may think she’s doing right, but it’s not her place to dictate who Maya’s going to be with, or whether or not Maya will have a place in the Forrester family. As far as I’m concerned, she’s already an honorary Forrester. Clearly, Dayzee sees that and for some reason, she hates it. But why? That’s one question that I can’t figure out an answer to. With that said, the last thing Maya needed was for Dayzee to not only not step in a mediate, which would have been the responsible thing to do, but then to kick the horse while she’s already down. Shame on you, Dayzee Leigh.

Dayzee is a little pot-stirrer. I honestly, if this is real life, think that Dayzee enjoyed the bout between Caroline and Maya. Dayzee clearly has a deeper vendetta against her, so watching Caroline read Maya her rights made her day. But how disrespectful is it to have someone come into your place of business with that kind of bull, confronting one of your workers in such a way? This is why I think that Dayzee should have mediated, and it shows the she genuinely doesn’t care. Shame on you, Dayzee, and shame on you Caroline. If only you knew whose pictures Rick has on his phone.

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–Javan H.

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