“The Bold and the Beautiful” — Wreck Yourself Before You Check Yourself

This is the quickest turnaround for any of my blogs, ever. Now, I am the proud owner of a silver 2003 Ford Escape. It came from an insurance payoff after I lost “Rocco,” my Black 2005 Ford Focus sedan, last Summer. I won’t repeat the details as it’ll put me into a rage again, but I know how car accidents work, and I’m sure you do too. What…in the hell…was that mess we saw today?

Brooke and Bill were heading to his house for, I guess, an ensemble intervention. Bill had already been drinking, a self-fulfilling prophecy for Katie, and he was also in one of his usual dazes, fodder for the inevitable accident. But the thing is if Bill’s going home and Brooke is going to his home too, how in the hell would they get into a wreck? I mean, it’s clear from the hand motions and flickering studio lights that it was a head-on collision, unless either of them are one of those people who likes to take the longest way between two points and call it a “shortcut.” I know many people who do that. Even they don’t make sense to me, which is my point. What would have been a better execution? A third party.

Bill and Brooke are on the same two-lane road (two lanes each way). Bill is in the right lane, about to pass Brooke. However, he doesn’t realize it because he’s drunk and daydreaming. On a sharp bend, he cuts his wheel, knocking into her and a third car in the oncoming traffic. That would have been far more plausible and far less, um, convenient. Yes, this is a fiction show, but execution is key. It also opens the door for an additional storyline. Would it hurt to hire an actor to play the third person for a few episodes over a few months? Check it: a police report must be filed, I refuse to believe that Bill wouldn’t have to take a Breathalyzer, Bill would definitely have to face a judge and all of this would open a can of worms. Would Brooke really sue Bill as the story stands now? Hell to the no! Miss opportunity, Bell. Missed opportunity.

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–Javan H.

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