“The Bold and the Beautiful” — ‘Fess Up

I haven’t had much to comment on lately because I feel that with where the stories stand now–Dayzee and Caroline vs. Maya, Katie vs. Bill and Brooke, Taylor vs. the world–there wasn’t much to be said. However, these last few episodes involving Katie being in the hospital…again…leaves me saying one thing: ‘fess up.

As part of the new normal for Bold and the Beautiful, everything falls back to Taylor. One could argue that her initial motive for tipping Katie off about Bill and Brooke was out of sheer revenge. I definitely won’t dispute that because she laid her cards of revenge out on the table ever since Stephanie passed. But now that the situation has gotten this deep, I really wish that Bill and Brooke, for once in their damn lives, own what they did. Their lack of self-control and consideration caused Katie’s third breakdown.

Let’s keep it real: Bill has it out for Taylor not only because of her questionable ethics, but because she’s onto him and Brooke like white on rice, and because she has a vested interest in Katie, her patient, she’s doing her duties by observing the whole situation. Yes, Katie is her patient. Bill did seek her help, basically hiring her for Katie’s PPD, but it was Katie who continuously sought Taylor’s help, therefore she deserves to be there at the hospital, asking as many questions as she wants to. Bill “firing” her a while back holds very little ground. Regardless, it is pretty creepy that she seems to hover around Bill and Brooke like a stalker, popping up out of nowhere when she was previously in a whole different room.

I can’t remember what the dialogue was, but Brooke has all but proven that she’s more concerned about PR than her sister’s well-being. Brooke has towed that fine line for months, and all she and Bill had to do was have some sort of self-control for the sake of a marriage, but that’s the same as asking today’s schoolgirls to cover themselves up. A common argument is that Katie brought this on by pushing Bill and Brooke together. I may have even bought into this logic initially, but nonetheless, Katie was in a weakened state. I feel that in the end, upon his wife finally coming home, Bill should have expressed all of his concerns to Katie: her problems with his drinking and attitude, her distance from him, how he felt after she gave up her rings and ran away and so on. Transparency on both sides could have prevented this, but because of his ego, Bill continued to harbor those feelings in the most passive-aggressive ways while spinning it all back on Katie, much like he did when he slept with Steffy. All of this is common sense for us, but let’s get to what’s bugging me even further: Katie.

Katie herself isn’t bothering me, but the fact that as weak as Storm’s her heart is (or whatever the situation was, because it’s all Greek to me), there’s no way in hell that Katie is in the hospital for the same reason that many times, and still walk away like a spring chicken. It’s also become entirely too cliché’, predictable and dare I say it, annoying. Not really sure what else to add to this rant as I’m already a little off today.

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–Javan H.

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