How Do You Pronounce “.gif?”

In media works, you’ll come across dozens of different file formats, even some you’ve never heard of. But have you ever though of how to pronounce them?  Is it “ah-vee” or “a-v-i?” Is it “mauve,” “,move” or “m-o-v?” Even the color “mauve” has at least two pronunciations. But here’s the big one, sparked by today’s episode of M-S-N-B-C‘s The Cycle: is it “jiff” or “gift” sans the “t?”  While its creator, CompuServe, states that it’s pronounced like the peanut butter, “giff” with a soft “g” is more universally recognized. After all, “graphics,” as in “Graphics Interchange Format” starts with hard “g.” We all vary as far as how we pronounce our file formats, but here’s what I’m familiar with:

.doc – “dock”

.docx – “d-o-c-x”

.log – “log”

.rtf – “r-t-f”

.txt – “t-x-t” or “text”

.wpd – “w-p-d”

.wps – “w-p-s”

.ppt – “p-p-t”

.pptx – “p-p-t-x”

.xml – “x-m-l”

.aiff – “a-i-f-f”

.mid – “mid” or “midi (middy)”

.mp3 – “m-p-three”

.ra – “r-a”

.wav – “wave”

.wma “w-m-a”

.cda – “c-d-audio”

.asf – “a-s-f”

.asx – “a-s-x”

.avi – “a-v-i”

.flv – “f-l-v” or “flav (as in Flavor Flav)”

.mov – “m-o-v” or “mahv,” despite the fact that it’s short for “movie.”

.mp4 – “m-p-4”

.mpg – “m-peg”

.rm – “r-m”

.swf – “s-w-f” It gets sooo weak in the keys, it can hardly stream. 90s throwback, so pardon me.

.wmv – “w-m-v”

.3ds – “three-d-s”

.max – “max”

.obj – “object”

.bmp – “b-m-p”

.gif – I think I’ll stick to “gif” as in “gift” since I’m used to it. I hate mispronouncing things, but both “gif” and “jiff” are accepted.

.jpg – “j-peg”

.png – “p-n-g”

.psd – “p-s-d”

.tif” – “tiff”

.ai – “a-i”

.pdf – “p-d-f”

.xls – “x-l-s”

.xlsx – “x-l-s-x”

.app – “app”

.exe – “e-x-e”

.htm – “h-t-m”

.html – “h-t-m-l”

.otc – “o-t-f”

.ttf – “t-t-f”

.dll – “d-l-l”

.pkg – “package”

.zip – “zip”

.rar – “rawr,” almost like “roar”

.dmg – “d-m-g”

.bin – “bin”

.iso – “i-s-o”

.java – “java” like the drink

.bak – “b-a-k” or “back”

.torrent – “torrent”

.prproj – “Premiere Project”

There are many more, but those are the ones I wanted to share, though self-explanatory for most of them. How you do pronounce your extensions?

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–Javan H.

Images used are found through internet searches.

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