“The Bold and the Beautiful” — Talk to the Judge

Upon my first traffic ticket last Fall, I thought that one of my biggest fears would be realized: facing a judge. Long story short, I saw the rather nice, soft-spoken judge, but only at a distance (handling a DUI case, mind you) as it was a law clerk who took care of my ticket. My live tweets today have been hella pointed at specific characters who have been bugging me lately, and with that said, I’ve since taken an introspective look at how I place judgement on things. Then I thought about these blogs, and after watching today’s Bold and the Beautiful, as well as some motivation from @BBUniverse_net, we’re going to court.

The 7th District Court of the State of Bellview

Hon. Javan H. elected November 2011

Hon. Javan H.
elected November 2011

My judgements have been, at best, somewhat “controversial” as I tend to be blunt when it comes to the characters that are bugging me at any given time. That said, it is my mission as presiding judge to keep the conversation going. Reviewing this twenty-six year long case, I have reached the following vague judgements on the chosen convicts:

The State of Bellview v. Forrester Creations and Spencer Publix

Katie Logan Spencer: at least two counts of Violations of Common Sense, several counts of Sado-Masochism and one count of Family Betrayal — Not once, but at least twice has the defendant vastly violated basic common sense in response to her husband, $1.00 William Spencer, II, committing one felony of adultery with the prior’s sister, Brooke Logan-Forrester, between 2012 and 2013, and one misdemeanor of near-adultery with inmate Stephanie Forrester-Spencer in 2011. She is also being charged in response to her unseemly number of hospital visits. She is also being held accountable for an affair regarding her niece, Bridget Forrester, and Mr. Dominic Marone. Sentence: 5 years.

Marcus Logan Walton Forrester: one count each of Texting While Driving, and Aiding and Abetting — Mr. Forrester is being charged  in regard to his failure to relinquish crucial information about the ongoings of his father, Justin Barber, Esq., and his employer, Mr. Spencer, II, to his aunt, Mrs. Logan Forrester, in light of the collusion surrounding his cousin, Hope Logan. In addition, he is being charged with TWI. Sentence: 4 years, 2 years phone probation and 2 months of community service.

Hope Logan: dozens of counts of Sado-Masochism, Trespassing, Possession of Illegal Substances, Vandalism and Identity Theft — The defendant has been certified as a case of insanity in response to a series of events. She continues to tamper with unhealed self-inflicted wounds by pursuing encounters with the wed William Spencer, III, as well as breaking and entering at the mansion of her aunt, Mrs. Logan-Spencer. Similarly, she also spray painted obscene imagery on the Malibu estate of the Spencer family. In addition, she is being penalized for the use of illegal medications purchased through an online pharmacy that has been under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration since 2012, as well as taking on the unscrupulous tendencies of both her mother, Mrs. Logan Forrester, as well as her nemesis and cellmate, Spencer-Forrester. Then again, that last part is interchangeable. Sentence: 10 years in solitary, 5 years in asylum and recovery, and 5 years probation with community service.

Within this, Mr. Spencer, III has requested a restraining order against Ms. Logan. That request has been DEE-NIED!

William Spencer, III: concurrent counts of Polygamy, Perjury, Destruction of Legal Documents, Non-Compliance, Domestic Abuse and Identity Theft — Mr. Spencer, III is being charged on the count of his relations between cellmates Logan and Forrester-Spencer, violating BBL. Pen. Code § 87. He was also under investigation for the malicious destruction of annulment papers. Upon interrogation by multiple prosecutors while seated at my very stand, he either lied or refused to answer. He lied to those two little girls, and he lied to people of Bellview. In addition to posing as a sock puppet amidst further interrogation, Spencer is being charged with emotional abuse on behalf of the two cellmates.  Sentence: LIFE.

Stephanie Forrester-Spencer: several counts of Felony Theft, Attempted Robbery, Assault and Battery, Destruction of Legal Documents, Forgery, and Aiding and Abetting — Mrs. Forrester-Spencer is being charged in response to the attempted robbery and theft of Hope Logan’s spouses, including Mr. Oliver Jones in 2010, and  Mr. Spencer, III between 2011 and 2012 in Aspen and Italy. In a dispute with Hope Logan, she attacked her with chocolate in which Ms. Logan obtained an injury from falling. She later proceeded to damage state annulment documents. Other charges are due to a phony signature, as well as being associated with William Spencer, Jr’s ongoing illegal activities. Sentence: 10 years with a possible ten-year extension and $20,000 fine.

Dayzee Leigh-Forrester: one count of Inciting a Riot — Mrs. Leigh-Forrester had a sentence pending for an alleged trafficking ring, but further investigation has resulted in those charges being dropped. Due to her associations with Mrs. Caroline Spencer regarding Rick Forrester and Maya Avant, she is being given this charge and sentence instead. Sentence: 1 year with a $1000 fine.

Caroline Spencer: one count each of Conspiracy and Defamation to the Nth Degree, two counts of Prostitution and innumerable counts of Tax Evasion and Racketeering  — Seems that Ms. Spencer has stayed true to her family’s legacy after all! She tried to frame and continues to spread misinformation about Ms. Maya Avant, all while going spread-eagle for male clients in the Valley region, specifically Windermere “Hercules” Erkiletian and one of our undercover agents, Det. Carter Walton. Other charges are based upon her failure to file her taxes, as well as money laundering within her Caroline Spencer Cancer Foundation.  Sentence: 20 years with no parole, 2 years of community service and a $500 fine.

Eric Forrester: one count each of Bribery and Indecent Exposure, and a gazillion counts of Adultery  — Mr. Forrester is being charged with bribery involving illegal favors from Dr. Taylor Hayes for the increased corporate position of her son, Thomas Forrester. He is also being charged for repeated adultery against his wife, the late Stephanie Douglas Forrester, over twenty years, with one instance resulting in him exposing himself the public while on the windowsill of an uptown skyscraper.  Sentence: 50 years with a $30,000 fine.

Thomas Forrester: one count each of Vandalism, Assault and Battery, Arson and Kidnapping, and two counts of Attempted Murder  — Much like his sister, Mr. Forrester has quite the rap sheet! He colluded with Hope Logan as far as the vandalism at the Spencer house, as well as a somewhat successful kidnapping involving the same person and an ATV in Mexico for which he was extradited. Things get worse as Forrester is also guilty for three separate attempts to kill Mr. Rick Forrester, including a fire, a car and a second-story window. Sentence: 50 years in isolation, no parole.

Dr. Taylor Hayes: one count of Drunk Driving, Involuntary Manslaughter and Perjury, and X counts of Felony Eavesdropping and Stalking  — Taylor Hayes is being charged in the death of Mrs. Darla Einstein-Forrester from a roadside murder in 2006, which ties into a DWI and the ensuing act of lying about the event while under oath. It seems that she has a penchant for violating oaths… She’s also being charged with stalking and eavesdropping on fellow convict Brooke Logan-Forrester, as well as stalking her and Bill Spencer, III during an international tour of Logan-Forrester’s clothing line. She has several malpractice and negligence suits against her, both active and pending, all of which I have led me to the following sentence. Sentence: 80 years and six months with one year of alcohol treatment and community service, and her medical license revoked.

William Spencer, II: infinite counts of Perjury, Bribery, Attempted Murder, Assault and Battery, Harassment, Stalking, Adultery, Kidnapping, Domestic Abuse, Reckless Driving, DWI…   — That’s probably not even the whole list, so I’ll just cut this short and sweet: blackmailing an official to get an inmate out of jail, a nearly successful attempt to kill an Ambrosia Moore, locking his wife, Katherine Logan-Spencer, in an unventilated area of the Spencer estate… What else, plotting against Hope Logan, cheating on his wife, nearly cheating on his wife, driving while heavily intoxicated, trying to cover it up and to put the icing on the cake, LYING ABOUT ALMOST EVERY LAST BIT OF IT! This one’s too easy. Sentence: LIFE. No bail, no parole.

For my final ruling…

Brooke Logan-Forrester: remarkable and indescribable counts of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY  — Mrs. Logan-Forrester has committed nearly all of the above acts in one way or another, keeping in the family and out. I’ll say that out of all of these convicts, I have very little sympathy for Ms. Hayes, but I have none for Ms. Logan. She has been to this court before and had all the right double-talking lawyers who knew how to work this legal system. But what happens when the law puts your ass in a corner office? You messed with your family. You messed with your children. You’ve messed everyone that’s crossed your path and your main saving graces are your contributions to Forrester Creations! Well, this isn’t Forrester. Buckle up. Yours, and the Spencers…and even the Forresters’ free rides are over. Sentence: LIFE.

Shame on every last one of you. Court adjourned.

*Nota Bene: It took me four hours to write this disorganized rant, so please excuse me.

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–Javan H.

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