“The Bold and the Beautiful” — No One Wants to See That?

This blog is a redacted excerpt from a journal entry that I just typed on today while at work. While it doesn’t directly reflect any of the recent story lines, it is very relevant to fashion, as well as society today and I still thinkthat it is very much worth reading. With that said, let’s begin.

“I need to vent, because I’m about to bust. Okay, so you know I’m hypersensitive and I have body images issues out the ass. Well, today’s episode of Bold and the Beautiful featured a runway show of some of the men of the fashion house Forrester Creations. Keep in mind that I do daily live-tweets of the show, as well as routine blogs. The end of the charity show had all of the men strutting down the runway topless; of course the plumpest and the skinniest [Jacob Young and Zack Conroy] are going to get the heat, right?

The reason why I have such a strong affinity for skinny people is because I am one. I’m 5’9,” 150lbs, roughly the same size as the boxer Sugar Shane Mosley. I’m lean, long-limbed and I have been all my life. But it’s become something that I’ve had to embrace throughout all of my nearly twenty-four years. It reminds me of Mo’Nique and her praise of the all-natural and thick female frame. As stated repeatedly before, my weight has been subject to harsh criticism when I was younger, mainly from people who were sick, overweight or skinny themselves. It should be a lot of consolation that my size, build and look have drawn in a lot of great attention (including borderline stalkers), but it’s still not enough for me.

It’s all a matter a being thicker-skinned and owning what I have whole-heartedly. I normally do, but there are often some triggers—a tweet, in this case. But why care what these people think? After all, I tend to be a glutton! Nevertheless, when you have to face the public, which 100% of us do, it’s hard not to question society. I mean, it’s the worse thing in the world to bash people of size, akin to bashing those that are special-needs, but it’s okay to bash or mistreat those who are at the middle of their BMI on down? No sir. 

See, I know that I’m the right size and weight for my age and height. It’s just a matter of blocking out the noise from the charlatans who say otherwise. But as long as one has a deluded self-image, the rest is blown completely out the water. So when I see people like Scott Clifton after a hefty weight loss, or Zach Conroy who looks like today’s male fashion models (really, really thin, but not sickly), I tend to defend it. Why not? I mean, it’s them, huh?

This conversation needs to be had.”

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–Javan H.

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