“The Bold and the Beautiful” — Skyfall. Sky…FALL.

Tylo_Still“The sky is falling!”

Today was supposed to be the day I continued my Javan Does Baton Rouge series, recapping the Kathy Griffin show at L’Auberge Casino, but I’ve been put into a sort of panic in light of the recent losses or near-losses at Bold and the Beautiful.

We recently learned that Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Forrester-Spencer) is leaving the show. First reports said that she was leaving the altogether, and this was only a few days after she tweeted a bouquet of flowers from the B&B staff, from what I recall. However, it is now stated that she’s taking a hiatus. I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t seem like the usual vacation, but more of a pending issue related to contract negotiations. Almost simultaneously, news broke that Hunter Tylo (Dr. Taylor Hayes) would be leaving the show, period, for the third time. Here’s Tylo’s response via SoapCentral:

“I am getting bombarded with questions to quell rumors, and here in my forum, I
will clarify that Jackie and I are (coincidentally) off our
contracts,” Tylo posted on her official website, HunterTylo.com. “I have been
very successful outside of B&B and I have no doubt she will be too. And more
so, because she is free and single to travel all over the world. For me, contract talks ended four weeks ago,” Tylo added. “I am moving forward
and opening back up to the thousands of acting roles available, writing and
pursuing my skin care line. My friends and B&B fans will be
sorely missed. But don’t worry! I’ll keep you posted of my every new adventure.”

Let’s dissect that. The tone seems very pointed, especially for her to state, “For me, contract talks ended four weeks ago.” It sounds like another way of saying, “I made my decision a long time ago! Ain’t had to tell me twice! Boom! Done! Out!” The declaration of new projects and roles often serves as a jab to the former bosses in these kinds of situations, as well. I won’t give a clear read on Wood as her situation still seems ambiguous, but as far as Tylo is concerned, I’ll go ahead and say that she must be leaving, in part, due to contractual and creative differences, rather than a simple change in direction. From what I can recall, her previous leaves were for the same reasons, and it’s safe to say that those are the exact reasons for Flannery and especially Moss’ departures only months ago.

This would leave some of the most devout followers of B&B to believe that the show is a sinking ship. Though production’s complacency has clearly set in now that the sweeps are over, the stories have dried up, and fast. The shows are taped roughly two months in advance, so the actors always know what’s going to happen before we do. Just like we have differences at our jobs, they have theirs and once there’s an impasse, the employee will likely bail. This seems like one of those situations. After all, Ronn Moss made that point very clear.

No matter what your take is on certain characters, no one can deny that Taylor’s rise has brought in more enthusiasm to the show. Regardless, things have gone back to business as usual with an ungodly triangle of babies (who are my age in numbers only) and a menopausal woman who still can’t keep her legs closed. I’ve made it known repeatedly that while Brooke’s family is essentially tenured, I’d rather Taylor and her family not be granted higher statuses just out of fairness or sympathy because it doesn’t seem realistic to me. I’ve explained it before and I refuse to beat the dead horse. But I do, however, want to see Taylor and her kids ascend nonetheless. It was never a matter of “who,” but “how.” With that said, her family has been downgraded to the status quo, and it’s caused a rather bruised morale among all of us. Clearly, it’s done the same for the actors.

I learned of Tylo’s decision to leave Bold and the Beautiful today in the middle of one of the most powerful scenes in the past couple of years. I would have wept like a man-bitch, but I think my tear ducts are busted from my last drinking binge. Whomp-whomp… I had such a reaction not only because of Steffy’s recollection, but because of all of the talent that B&B has been blessed with–a dream team of both new and iconic actors, most of whom graced our TVs today, most of whom shared that final scene in today’s show–they’re being driven away, likely by stories that neither they nor us fans want or like. We’re tired of misfortune, we’re tied of interpersonal gimmicks among the characters that defy reality and basic common sense, and above all, we’re sick and tired of repetition. Team, team or no team, if it weren’t for us all being so loyal to the show, we wouldn’t give a ****. Show us that you care.

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–Javan H.

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P.S., I received a tweet from Kathy Sandru stating:

@jjlucash Same thing happened in the Eighties on Y&R with major cast changes & the demise of the Foster family #boldandthebeautiful

— Kathy Sandru (@SandruSom) May 16, 2013

A bit of optimism, I hope that this could be the case.

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