“The Bold and the Beautiful” — Open Wyatt, Shut it Down

There have been far more flows than ebbs in and around LA as the cast of Bold and the Beautiful has taken us on many new journeys. My last B&B blog was two months ago, and I haven’t written anything because I had no motivation. Nothing was worth talking about–there was everything to rehash and nothing new to expose. With that said, B&B continued to thrill me throughout my absence. In this case, however, the two newest Bell creations struck a chord with me, and I want to use this blog to delve into that.

Today’s episode hit a personal note as I could relate to the backstory of Wyatt, Quinn and Bill. Bill and Quinn were young, they got carried away; Bill, an over-priviledged young man with no real understanding of life and people, tries to buy Quinn into an abortion and Quinn keeps her baby from him for the rest of his life. Let’s keep it real: what woman wouldn’t? Not only that, but what mother wouldn’t continue to keep her grown-ass son away from someone who’s been involved in some of the worst scandals, doing some of the worst things that anyone could imagine? All of this news came out to the light because of Hope, and while I will always irrationally be seen as someone who makes excuses for Hope, a “Logan-apologist” or whatever, what sane person excuses what Hope just caused?

I live by many mottos, and two of my biggest are, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” Hope was seeking clarity as she faced the decision of going with a damn good man who she’s fallen for (literally), or a morally corrupt guy she has a history with. She saw a material connection between the two and wanted answers. Sadly, she was never going to get over the sword necklace connection even if she had left things alone. I’m a slow mover in life because I opt for seeking all the facts before I make even the simplest decisions, but I never do things like this if it involves other people’s lives and livelihoods. Hope caused a major crash, and every car involved has been totaled. Despite Hope’s curiosity, the situation clearly wasn’t broken as neither man could pick the other out from a police lineup, and the situation as a whole wasn’t serious enough to scope out whether or not Man A is kin to Man B. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Bottom line, everything’s out there. Bill is Wyatt’s father–alive, well and not dead. Stories of long-lost parents are played up on TV as this big spectacle in which the child ultimately abandons the parent that single-handedly gave them the life that they currently live, all in search of some random who they spent twenty some-ought years not knowing. I’ve often wondered–do people really even do that?? I mean, I can speak for myself that I didn’t. I was raised by my mom, aunt and grandparents. I did have a stepdad, but he wasn’t a major influence as I never got close to him. As a teen, I learned the full story, and did I feel betrayed? Not at all. I was actually unfazed. My folks split when I was a baby, and all of my people vouch for the fact that he was basically an immature prick. All of that aside, I spent fourteen out of fourteen years being raised by an entire family, with a mother studying psychology, all while getting promoted at her banking job every time I looked up. My mother is successful. My grandmother is a beast (‘beast’ meaning ‘unbeatable’), my grandfather was the rock of the family and I am to my three girls what my aunt was to me. What the hell would I do at fourteen, much less now at twenty-four, meeting “that ugly light-skinned dude with curly red hair who looked like Bozo?”

I could assume that Wyatt, in real life, would be a year or two younger than me. This means that Quinn, alone, gave this man everything he wanted and needed: a roof over his head, food to eat, a job to make money from. Yes, she did lie to him. She lied to him because she’s a mother who is thinking of no one else other than her son. From what we viewers understand, Bill is the same man now as he was as a twenty-something, so why how could anyone blame Quinn for doing what she did? Wyatt is so hung up on the lie itself, seemingly ignoring the basis of the lie, and while I get why he’s angry, he needs to back away from those six pixels so he can see the whole entire graphic. If I were him, I’d be kissing his momma’s feet, re-painting her Louboutins and pressing her dresses at the same time!

Wyatt literally left his own mother in the dust. He left his mother for lying to him about his origin and his father. He left his mother…in favor of a man who wanted him dead, and a brother with a backbone as weak as molten gold. Wyatt is making a mistake. Wyatt was a baby–no, son, you didn’t have any “rights” to do or know anything. Momma’s responsibility is to look out for her child, even if it means lying for his and the family’s benefit. I can’t see myself, as Javan, taking the past twenty years of my life and throwing it away in favor of a man who didn’t even want the grown son he already has.

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