What if #BB15 and #TheChallenge Crossed Over?

Way back, after the second PoV of BB15 ended, I hopped in for another one of my long, hot steamy showers and I had a flashback. I’ve sort of made a name for myself in designing fan-made “Big Brother” theme songs and intros, and I thought back to this:

This was a trial run for a MySpace online game I was about to create back in 2008, but pulled the plug on it. In the moment described above, I was reminded of what a kick-ass idea it was. Here’s a vague rundown of how it works…

This is a game of two teams of sixteen, eight women and eight men, picked to live in a house with a shit-load of cameras and microphones, to battle it out for HoH. From here, the red and blue teams have two HoHs—one man, one woman. The male and the female HoHs then face their counterparts to determine who has to nominate people from their team. Let’s use the cast of The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Gauntlet 2 as examples, in which Kina and Alton represent the blue team and Beth and Mark represent the red team.

Out of the two duels, Beth and Alton win, meaning that Kina and Mark have to nominate two of their own to face them on the block. Mark nominates Brad and Syrus, Kina nominates Cara and Jillian, and the entire cast plays the PoV co-ed. There can only be one veto holder, and that person can control the nominations of both teams. In this case, Cara wins, saves herself and she also saves Syrus for the red team as an attempt to weaken that side of the house. This means that HoHs Kina and Mark now have to name re-noms, in which Kina chooses Jodi and Derrick chooses David. Through secret ballot, the red and blue teams cast their votes for the opposing team, the big twist. Jodi and Brad are chosen to fight Kina and Mark on the block.

On the block, the men and the women battle for HoH. In this case, Kina retains her title as HoH…and so does Mark! Toodaloo, Jodi and Brad; the cycle continues for four “weeks” until the two teams battle it out for a final competition. I had everything planned, but this was five years ago and it never came to fruition, so of course I forgot the details.

The concept for both shows are copyrighted, but it’d be pretty epic, in my opinion, if the Big Brother and Challenge formats were to somehow cross over.

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