“The Bold and the Beautiful” — Steffy’s Back (And Her Minions, Too)

The ‘minions’ comment is simply tongue in cheek. Carry on.

You know what makes my ass hurt? Politics, viral videos, today’s music, cephalopods (Google it) and the endless debate of Steffy vs. Hope on Bold and the Beautiful. I won’t even lie–I didn’t know Steffy was coming back today. But like clockwork, the conversation quickly shifted from being about the show itself, to why Steffy either sucks like a Hoover or is the best thing since sliced bread. The reason why the above list makes my ass hurt–another way of saying that it annoys me to no end–is because I don’t understand the craze, I don’t understand the point. But just like outside political movements, cat videos and the homogeneous club beats over the waves, Steffy owns us; she owns us because she instills emotion in one faction that sparks opposite emotions in the other. She’s what you call an ‘effective character.’

Back when the Trifecta from Hell were hot and heavy, I had a lot to say, as did we all. But once the catalyst went away, there wasn’t much to talk about. I don’t know about you, but I really enjoyed B&B without her because while she’s an integral part of the show, she neither made nor break the show in my eyes as I watched for the stories as a whole, rather than whether or not Steffy was present or liked. Having her back revitalized a conversation that I don’t necessarily miss, but has become the bread and butter of what B&B has come to be about whether we like it or not.

When I first saw Jacqueline MacInnes Wood walk through the Forrester doors, I was glad to see the talented actress on my TV again. But my stomach turned because I knew the Hope vs. Steffy war would pick up right where it left off. Most of today’s tweets were about how Steffy’s the queen, how she’s an evil bitch and what have you. The fictional character brings something out of us, but why? She’s not even real! Why such a strong reaction? It’s because Steffy is polarizing. She’s polarizing through her actions, she’s polarizing through her intentions and she’s further polarizing by the reactions of other characters after the fact.

Very few of us watching B&B don’t have an opinion on the young woman; I don’t hate Steffy, nor have I ever. But I felt that her lows were no better or worse than anyone else’s. It just so happens that she gets praised for certain things that don’t always make sense, things that we’ve all beaten to death. Similar to Godwin’s law, the larger the conversation grows, the more likely some hypocrisy will ensue. Steffy provokes the largest conversation out of all of the current characters, so the hypocrisy on both sides of the argument tends to be blaring, especially when it comes to who did what to whom and when. It’s simply something all of us will never agree on.

Quinn has been in my crosshairs since she first came on. She’s proven to be a very strong personality, taking Mama Bear to a-whole-nother level. The reasons why I like her so much is because she hasn’t catered to Bill, and she knows full and well that Liam will never be a man that’s grown enough to make a decision and stick with it. All of the parents on B&B have too much influence on their 20-something children’s lives, so that’s a moot point for the purposes of this argument. The simple fact is that she knows what’s up, and she’s the type of character I’ve been in dire need of for far too long. She says what too many of us are thinking: Hope deserves to grow with Wyatt as Liam reverts back to Steffy.

I refuse to get deep into Team Hope, Team Steffy, Team HOTT, Team Ellipsis; ain’t nobody got time for that, or at least I don’t. But while Hope has definitely matured in her overall appearance and demeanor, she’s become another Liam, vacillating between two highly eligible men, though one is far more deserving than the other. The reason why I would rather Hope team up with Wyatt is because he is a man who will make the young adult into a grown-ass woman, and she’s not going to get that with Liam. Based on principle and a backstory that all of us should be aware of by now, I supported Hope & Liam versus Liam & Steffy. But now that Steffy’s back, I just might get my wish.

Quinn stopping Steffy on the plane may be the key to getting Hope and Wyatt back together. She loves the both of them for all the right reasons, and they both love her just the same. But when we’re taking about situations like this, I would rather judge based on the growth of a character, rather than who simply looks best together. Steffy will always be that polarizing smokey-eyed brunette with a fanbase as vocal as Ted Cruz’s, but she’s already established. Despite her many flaws, Steffy has grown over time, even though it might be in ways that are a little off. Hope, however, hasn’t grown as much as she could and should have. Instead of being a young businesswoman slicing a hole in that glass ceiling, she’s hunting down weddings. Instead of countin’ paper, she’s further pursing a guy who has done nothing but wrong her for the past two years, making some of the same mistakes as he in the process. Instead of teaching today’s lost generation how to be a real adult, she’s spending her days forcing things to happen, and forcing things does…not…work. Little Miss Aly is another piece of work that I was supposed to blog about recently. See, I wanted her to return as a girl in her late-teens wanting Taylor’s blood. But instead, she may or may not be trying to claim Liam as her own once she turns eighteen.

Many out there think that today’s show was one of the best in a while, but I don’t see it as such. They see it that way because their favorite character finally returned. I see it my way because it was simply yet another twist in the never-ending roller coaster that is…Bold and the Beautiful.

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