Dream Log: 12-26-13

This is my first dream log in over a year. It’s the day after Christmas, and it’s also my “half-birthday,” as we called it in elementary school, meaning that I’m exactly six months from my twenty-fifth birthday. I got great presents this year, but the sleep afterwards was so-so.

This was the third dream I’ve had in which I’ve gone to this fictitious Chinese restaurant in Algiers, down the street from my deceased grandfather. A bit of history: earlier tonight, I had my second dream about an old strip mall on General Meyer which had a bakery that sold petit fours, and Papie, my grandfather, was alive in both, younger than he was when he died, while I was the same age I am now. In one of last night’s dreams, he was driving me there in his old navy blue Tahoe, but next thing I knew, I was driving my old car, changing my mind and going to get Chinese. Actually, I’m about to describe one dream, now that I recall it.

Jumping back, Shrimp Fried Rice and petit fours are two of my comfort foods, and have been my whole life. In this case, I have it engrained subconsciously that there was a second, dimly lit Chinese buffet I used to go to back home near Papie’s, located inside a business park on MacArthur Dr. in Algiers. The business park is real, but this particular restaurant isn’t. In this dream, I changed my mind about the Chinese as well, driving through the Rue Parc Fontaine apartments that are off of the same street. My late aunt used to live there, and the complex connected MacArthur to the main thoroughfare for Algiers, General de Gaulle.

As I turned the corner into the apartment complex, I debated whether or not I felt like going to Winn-Dixie to pick up some bags of fish, much like my waking life. But something possessed me to turn into the apartments, which had now morphed into the complex of a former friend that I am still harboring a lot of ill feelings towards. Feeling a bit daring, I parked my black Ford Focus and searched the apartment for a trash can because I had a balled up napkin to throw away. Fired up, I was hoping to the high heavens that I would run into a certain enemy, and right when I made it out to this courtyard, there he was, now with extra meat on his bones, peering at me like the devil that I view him as in real life.

It completely threw me that we actually greeted each other, bobbing our heads upward. But I was terrified after that because all I saw was pure evil, making me tense and filling my soul with pure hatred. I had to get out of there as fast as possible, retracing my steps and briefly getting lost on the way back. This complex was also extremely ‘hood, which made the anxiety worse. I did find the trashcan, tossing in my napkin and nearly knocking over this weave-wearing lady’s toddler over as I power-walked back to my car. In real life, I would have apologized profusely, but I threw up my middle finger, fleeing to my car and speeding off.

As I drove away, the apartment changed form for a third time, morphing into a very specific complex. I met ‘the devil’ through someone I will always have a lot of unspoken hatred towards. It started with a sexual encounter I had at their then place back in 2007, and the complex in my dream had morphed from that same person’s most recent apartment, into their space from 2007. Whizzing over speed bumps, the Mexican boyfriend of the weave lady began shooting at my car, but I was too far for his bullets to reach. During my escape, I got a text on my phone, thinking it was from the enemy I ran into. But I never answered because I was driving.

Emotionally drained, I drove out of there, biting my nails in panic as I further debated if I felt like going to Winn-Dixie. It was at an intersection from a previous dream, nearly identical to the intersection of Belle Chase Highway and Lapalco on the West Bank, but I was in Baton Rouge. The WD itself was on this strip of land, also from a previous dream, that required us to take a very narrow, treacherous road to get there. I woke up as the arrow turned green and my lane of traffic began to turn.

I nearly leapt up from my dream feeling some sort of way. All I could wonder was why these people continue to haunt me in my dreams. In it, I was looking for comfort. But in my search for comfort, I sought to pick a fight with one of the main people who I felt helped ruin my social life, temperament and emotional stability beyond repair. In my waking life, I feel like I want to physically harm this person in any way, shape or form, and I barely knew them for six months! I barely knew them, but I have the strongest reaction about ‘the devil’ because through actions that I won’t go in detail about, they were the one who angered me the most out of everyone in that cabal. With that said, yes, I have sought to pick a fight with this person during a school function in October, but I didn’t see them there, unsure if they still go to the school.

I will also note that the Ford Focus was my previous car in reality. I lost my favorite car after being cut off by a reckless driver last summer, on the way to settle a score with ‘the devil.’

My Space Shuttle will be launched for the tenth time on January 28, 2014, paying tribute to the 28th anniversary of the Challenger accident. Now a two-part bio, this entry will be a part of #SociallyAwkward, coming to your shelves and e-readers very soon. Until then, check out my other blogs, follow me on Twitter and check out my work on here, YouTube and also Soundcloud. Toodaloo.

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