“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” — Hold The ‘F’ Up…

After a two-week wait, tonight’s show was a doozy. On the last installment of RHOA, all of us in the Twitter- and blogospheres got different opinions on Bravo’s highest-rated harem. But while our opinions vacillated last week, I think things are pretty much set in stone after what we’ve just seen tonight. Few came off looking good the night of the fight, whether they were defending someone or hiding behind them like the Scared Homie. With that said, I’ll take this entry to vent about the current status of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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Old Business

We’ve all said (tweeted) what he had to about last week. But one thing that’s still unclear to most is how Apollo came to blows with Brandon. On my fourth time watching the fight, I was able to pick up on all the details as follows:

  •  -Christopher Williams drunkenly got up to address Kenya, putting Brandon on guard.
  •  -Kenya got up to address the ‘associate’ who was egging Williams on from the peanut gallery.
  •  -As she was walking to the babbling associate, Williams grabbed Kenya’s arm, not in a combative way. Kenya flashed out.
  •  -Being a male, Brandon came to Kenya’s defense.
  • -As Peter split the men up, Williams threw Brandon a hook.
  • -As Brandon threw back, Peter pulled him away, falling on the beanbag.
  • -Apollo jumped up to keep Brandon down. He wasn’t choking him, but pushing him back down since he tried to leap back up. Through the commotion, I heard Apollo chirp, “Whatchu doin, man?!
  • -Thinking Apollo was on the attack, Brandon began swinging with Peter still on him.
  • -Apollo windmilled with his guns as Brandon did with his legs.
  • -The two were separated.

The verdict: Brandon likely hit Apollo in the eye, setting Apollo off. But that still doesn’t make it right.

That was last episode…

New Business

Apollo went in for more, but let’s keep it real—he wasn’t going to do anything. We’re all talking about Apollo because he flew off the handle, but the real culprit will always and forever be NeNe Leakes as this was all started with the intent to stir the pot. In saying that, this episode made almost the entire cast look rather shitty.

Cynthia: She didn’t need to get in Kandi’s face. You see, she was simply trying to clear her name, and that’s cool and things. But she has a way of getting defensive, clawing her hands when the heat is on; uh, no ma’am. Kandi kept her cool, but it didn’t surprise me that the sister, Mallory, managed to jump in and push both Todd and Kandi. Kandi, whose teary eyes were as red as her weave, said she would “drag [Mal] in this bitch,” and she would have. That brings me to…

Kandi: Good on her, later on, for owning the fact that she could have handled the situation better. I’m not keen on male-female comparisons, but in times like these, they apply. With that said, I do have a rather scary temper, bad to the point that I can barely see straight. For a number of reasons, both inside and out of the slumber party, Kandi had everything bottled up, and she simply exploded. Not only do I agree given the situation, but I also understand the meltdown. Either way, good on Kandi for owning her end of the mess.

Phaedra: First all, the vulgar name calling with Kenya is really tired. But in redemption, I tweeted that everyone deserves the kind of friendship and loyalty she has with Kandi. As for the rest, she’s clearly over Apollo. When she got home from work or whatever, she barely even acknowledged the man! I mean, how could she? Not only was he telling on himself with the strip club conversation, whimpering, “It’s my money,” like one of my goddaughters, but then he also decided to flash out, I don’t know, violating parole… I won’t even go into the ongoing legal drama, but I’ll redirect you to a damn good blog that will.

Kenya: Kenya’s not a victim by far, but she did little wrong in this specific mess compared to the rest. When she got up, was she going over there to get stupid with the associate? I doubt it. But how is it worse than a man claiming the middle of the room to basically call her an addict and what-have-you?

In the grand scheme of things, her deal actually has more to do with Brandon. Warranted or not, Brandon did right in coming to her defense. I’ve dogged the hell out of him for being a lapdog and cheerleader, and for as semi-flamboyant—in between-ish—as he may be, this proves to the homophobes that a man will be a man. He did his job in defending Kenya, he didn’t just take punches from Williams and after being pounded by Apollo, he bounced back up and kept his own. Bottom line, Brandon is gay, but he’s not a sissy. Check it. Adding to that, he had a hell of a case. I mean, everything was on camera, and he had the marks to prove it all. But he was man enough look out for Apollo’s family but refusing to file charges. For that, I have a whole new respect for the former soap star.

To be quite honest, I think Kenya Moore could carry this show. Who’s talking about NeNe? I mean, we all are and always will be to one degree or another. But are we talking about her the same way we did in the first five seasons?

NeNe: This woman was on something, and a friend in the family called it exactly three years ago when she was on Celebrity Apprentice; the pacing, the sweating, the heavy breathing and even the tremolo in her voice. She was the ‘realest’ housewife in season one, she was a hater in season two, but I understood. She did her best in season three and season four was a shit-fest, but in season five, she was on a high. In this case, she was on a high because she had that long sought-after career in Hollywood. She seemed to have put things into perspective, and went from being volatile to some sort of mediator. I don’t know if it was the death of Glee and The New Normal (a damn good show that sort of ended itself with the plot) or what, but’s she’s turning into Shereé; I don’t like it.

That was a really harsh thing to say, but let’s call a spade of spade: NeNe hasn’t had an actual storyline since season four. There was only one season between then and now; the show is built on drama, and in season five, she seemed to have no drama and ne’er single story. Her two projects didn’t pan out as any of us had hoped, but she still had her original show to fall back on. Okay, so the Shereé comparison stems from the fact that she seems to be kicking up dust to stay in the game. But she’s Nene Leakes! Why would she do that? Well…

From the moment Kenya set foot on RHOA, she’s been the one person that everyone watching had an opinion of, even the burly husbands who won’t admit to watching this show. I’m not a husband and don’t plan to be, but I was a closeted watcher of Housewives for a while before becoming some sort of historian. Kenya has been getting a lot of face time, and I think it’s safe to say that if NeNe left for season seven, Kenya would easily carry the torch. NeNe hasn’t given us anything but color commentary for the past while, and it’s now to a point where it seems she’s doing the most to stay front and center; Kenya’s contacts are screwing with the spotlight, you get me?

These aren’t Kenya’s contacts; she doesn’t have a blue pair. These are called gels.

I tweeted during this show that I’m a convert.

This means that I was a hardcore fan of Mrs. Leakes until her latest antics. It’s not that I’m no longer a fan, but she’s not the same NeNe that we’ve come to know and love. I mean, she was always messy, but she now seems to be living up to the ‘mean-spirited’ label that Wendy Williams gave her some time ago. As Kenya said during the rerun, playing right now, that NeNe’s hands were full of grease. She asked everyone the right questions for something to go down, openly directing some to specific people (remember Porsha’s question?). But once everything got real, she blamed it on Kenya for…getting out of her seat??

The catalyst for this blog wasn’t only the brawl between the two light-skinned males of the show, but how NeNe handled the aftermath. Look, none of us can expect a person like her to own things. She does them, and when she knows things are wrong, she deflects them. She’s still doing that, and it looks like we will get some validation once Peter [seemingly] says to her what we’re all thinking on next week’s show. She runs her mouth feeling she can say what she wants to say, but for as much as she claims to love her gays, she’s walked the fine line and fell off.

NeNe was coming for Brandon harder than Kenya at some points, constantly poking fun at his mannerisms and ‘purpose’ with his friend and boss. I lost count of how many times she threw those ‘wackly’-veiled slurs, and I immediately thought of performers I know here in Baton Rouge. I mean, I’m not at all saying she looks like one because I personally think she’s very attractive. But in her case, words should still be watched… Either way, NeNe is one of those people who are so comfortable around a certain group that she ignores the power of her words. She’s like a person of one race who is friends with many of another, using certain buzzwords a little too loosely. Think about, “You think I’m racist? My grandfather was Black!

I learned on TamaraTattles that Carlton Gebbia (Beverly Hills) lost roughly 314 Twitter followers during the reunion taping. Mind you, they aren’t live. None of the housewives should use random people like us on the Internet as a sense of worth. But something like that, on top of the latest conversations about RHOA, makes me wonder about NeNe’s end.

As for me, my virtual set debuted on the local show MyScene TV. If you live in Louisiana, it’s a show about local food, lifestyle and entertainment. I’ll be blogging on that soon. Y’all, I’m a graphic designer on the up, and whether you know about the show or not, whether you’re in southeast Louisiana or not, I want you to check out it out, as well as my stuff here and elsewhere.  Also, feel free to read more as I clearly have a lot to say. Thank you, and goodnight to all of you.

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