Fashion Dilemma

Style rule: what works for some does NOT always work for others. — Image Source:

So I’m in some sort of transition in my life, ranging from my mental health, to career opportunities and of course, fashion. Among those who know me best, I’m famous for my love of skinny jeans. I wear them religiously because out of the entire spectrum of cuts, skinnies (pants with a leg opening no bigger than 14”) are what fit my lanky build the best. In saying that, I have definitely toyed with many different brands over the years. But no matter what brands I try, no matter which cut I experiment with, I always find my way back to Levi’s skinny 510s. That line of jeans is tailor made for Javan H., and it couldn’t be more evident.

After shadowing a local showman, I’m now working as a producer for my school’s television show, BRCC Today. It’s a very promising role, and with that came a need for the right clothes to wear when shooting. A few weeks ago, I did a Google Images search for ‘mens jeans,’ and to my surprise, damn near every result was of what we now call ‘skinnies.’ It’s amazing how much has changed in two years… Anyway, during the search, I stumbled across a picture of Terrence J in some sort of—I couldn’t tell if they were slim, slim straight or slim boot, but whatever the fit and brand were, they looked damn good.

I wanted something like that, so I searched further on various online stores. The closest match was a beautiful pair from American Eagle Outfitters; I bought a black wash in 31×32, but since I wanted that extra length like the photo, I added a 31×34 to the trial. After a rather slow and anxious week, the jeans came to me in the mail. I had already tried on a 31×32 at the mall a few days before, so I chose to try on the 31×34 this time instead. I was beyond satisfied with how they looked with my big grey sneakers from Rue 21, so when it came down to wearing them out for the first time, there shouldn’t have been a problem, right?


These 31x32s looked really good, but they weren’t quite like the title picture.

I had to film an interview this past Monday for 11. I was already going to be late for class, and had everything gone smoothly, I would have left home for around 9:00. Well, after checking out those 31x34s once again, I was…not as impressed. Understanding one’s bodily proportion is key when trying out different cuts of clothing. In this case, my legs are entirely too long, thighs too big and my torso too short.

These 31x34s looked REALLY nice, but they weren't quite it.

These 31x34s looked REALLY nice, but they weren’t quite it.

I tried on the 31x32s again, but in doing so, I realized that I had to pull both pairs of jeans all the way up; major no-no for me. You see, my actual waist size is a 31. With the way Levi’s 510s are cut, the 34-waist fit me perfectly in the leg while allowing me to sag just the right amount. No, I would never let my underwear show, but I sag my pants a good notch on the belt because that makes my legs look shorter. It also offsets the curve in my back, allowing my shirts to fit better all around.


I spent a whole hour trying on both jeans, only to make the executive decision once again to stick with the Levi’s 510. The 510 is unmatched when it comes to fit and quality, giving me that sleekness that no other pair of jeans has ever given me. The current 510s fit like the 511s pre-2011; the current batch of 511s fit well in the thigh, but some washes are looser than others while the rest are too baggy in the lower leg. The inconsistency takes them out of the running altogether. It’s still a bit of a problem because I don’t always want to wear the jeans when I’m out. Nonetheless, thank God it’s warming out; shorts were always my comfort clothes.

P.S.: I’m forgetting that the last time I wore a 511 was over a year ago. Maybe I should give them another shot?

**UPDATE: Since posting this, I tried on a pair of 511s in a 32×34. They did fit me like title picture above, but the fact remains the same–my legs are entirely too long, thighs too big and my torso too short for that kind of look.

IF ONLY Express had these cargos in a 31...

IF ONLY Express had these cargoes in a 31… The style was 100%, but just a size too small.

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