Dream Log: 6-18-14 — Baby Turtle




I said I wasn’t going to write about this one, but a grown man can change his mind.

This is sort of what Baby Turtle looked like. Image source: bbtoystore.com.

In last night’s dream, Dr. Jackie Walters from Married to Medicine paid our house a visit. In real life, she’s a busy OB/GYN who wanted a child, and at one point was given a dummy to take care of as a placeholder. In the dream, she was a friend in the family who was raising a pet turtle. When she took him out of his…doggie bag, I guess…he literally looked like a cute stuffed animal. I still love stuffed animals. From there, the baby turtle and I took to each other immediately.

At one point, I even put him on top of my suitcase, which was standing upright. It took a while before he hid, realizing he was high off the ground. But as soon as I picked him up, my boy came out of his shell. I even remember chanting, “Put your sleeves back on, put your sleeves back on,” as he put his arms through the holes and smiled back.

The dream cut to me living under foliage in a marsh, resting in a Kevlar hammock over mud while wrapped in my childhood blanket; still in my closet, Blanky is a white blanket with baby blue fringe and balloon designs. Baby Turtle was now on a leash, free enough to roam around without getting too far away from me. He had become my baby boy to protect from anyone end everyone.

In that same moment, I had a visitor. This person resembled a professional and former ally that I’m very much at odds with. Hint: he inspired the concept of #SociallyAwkward. He was lip-syncing to this arts ad on the radio for one of his upcoming gallery shows. I think he might have tried to pet the turtle before I tugged on my baby a bit to bring him back. The visitor and I then began planning for the event, with me wondering if I could hook two projectors to one computer. Cut to Donna Britt and Jeff Morrow from WAFB Channel 9 joking about their technical difficulties.


Let’s dig in.


Turtles symbolize delicateness, protection, and also wisdom. But what did Dr. Jackie have to do with anything? In the dream, she and I served the same purpose—we were protecting something very fragile, something we held dear. Similarly, I was protecting Baby Turtle the same way Blanky protected me most of my life; Blanky, Baby Turtle and I were all safe and sound. Clearly, Baby Turtle is the focus of the dream. With all things considered, the reptile represents an equally fragile muscle, a thumping one rested deep beneath my left chest. I won’t use the word.

The dream implied that Dr. Jackie gave up the turtle to me, or at least let me watch the little fella for a while. This could symbolize my need relinquish ‘Real Life Turtle’ to whose who simply want to care for him as well. This is happening in my life right now. Before I elaborate, let’s turn to DreamMoods.com:


To see or dream that you are at a marsh suggests instability in your emotional realm. You are feeling bogged down, insecure or unsure about the future or how to go about with achieving your goals.


Marshes and swamps are home to many a turtle, but I did find it odd that I was living in one. The explanation above definitely makes sense and is very true, hence the dream.

The visitor could have a couple meanings. He could represent past anger that causes my current fear, hence his likeness, or he could also represent my present and future, both in a great way. You see, this visitor was a popular artist here in Baton Rouge—one that I really liked, respected and always looked forward to spending time with.

This is a little too real…

Either which way, I felt the need to draw Baby Turtle back a bit because just like my waking life, I don’t want my hea…I mean…Real Life Turtle…hurt once again. Again. AGAIN…again. 


As for WAFB, it’s common to dream about what’s currently on your TV as your body wakes up.

In summary, this was another one of those “let go of the past and embrace the future” dreams. Fortunately, though, I’m in a much better place than I was the previous entry.

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