Homage to Newschannel (and to Frank Gari)

MT Does News

The people who know me best know full well I wanna go into the business of broadcast journalism. Ever since I was young, I appreciated the aesthetics of how it worked – how to cover a story (and, to an extent, not cover it), how to make your product sound and look the best, and so on.

Which brings me to a certain factor of news presentation – the music package. Frank Gari invented the modern news package – linking together various themes suited for different parts of the broadcast (weather, sports, etc etc), and linking them all with a mnemonic. A signature. Creating a package always starts from one station that wants a good look – the best in the city. Gari started that with Cleveland’s WEWS. A certain slogan… “Catch 5”.

As the 80s went on, Gari made a name for himself creating great news imaging packages that, in fact…

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