The Gulf Coast Megaregion and America 2050

Baton Rouge locals, you MUST read this article by The Urban Revolutionary.

In 2008 the RPA (Regional Planning Administration) came up with the idea of American ‘megaregions’ and formed the group America 2050 to work with people around the country on proposing plans for each megaregion and how they can bring growth to the country.

Since 2008 the group has not, as far as I can see, done much beyond make some beautiful maps of what these megaregions may look like in 2050. I came across these maps a few months ago and edited them to reflect what I thought the Gulf Coast would really look like by then and the type of America we may live in. I also made a High Speed rail route that would connect the country.

Anyways, today we are focusing on the Gulf Coast Megaregion and over the next week I will have four more articles detailing the Southern Megaregion’s and the overall South- East super-region.

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