Javan Does Baton Rouge — Toodaloo Shrimp

This is the second broadcast of #JavanDoesBatonRouge, as I compare boiled shrimp from Tony’s and LTK Seafood, two of my go-to places here in Baton Rouge.

 Red Beans @ The Roux House | The Gilded Lily | TJ Ribs | Kathy Griffin @ L’Auberge

Tony’s, a household name, and LTK were both selling their shrimp for $8.99/lb. For this sample, I only ordered .25 lb., which went for $2.70. Yes, a quarter-of-a-pound is an off amount, which resulted in quite a rude reaction from the cashier at LTK. This is sort of the norm there and after this specific instance, I probably won’t return. But I’ll always say that their boiled seafood is great, though it may be a little on the hot side for some.

Tony’s is located on Plank Road, directly across from St. Gerard and Redemptorist, while LTK is six minutes south, located in the corner of Scenic Highway and Choctaw Drive.

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