Javan Does Baton Rouge — Chicken Shack

This is the third broadcast of #JavanDoesBatonRouge, as I bring you to the Delpit family’s legendary Chicken Shack.

Toodaloo Shrimp | Red Beans @ The Roux House | The Gilded Lily | TJ Ribs

Chicken Shack was founded in 1935 by Thomas H. Delpit, and is native to the Old South Baton Rouge neighborhood. Now celebrating their 80th anniversary, Chicken Shack was the go-to restaurant for Black socialites, as well as the likes of Louis Armstrong, Jackie Robinson, Count Basie and B.B. King. For this sample, I turned to the institution’s wet-battered chicken wings, which sell for $1.50 apiece. Chicken Shack also serves poboys and seaffod plates, as well as traditional soul food like red beans and rice, greens and cornbread. Each order comes with three rolls.

“It’s knuckle-suckin’ good!”

This video caught the attention of the Delpit family, so much so that I got a phone call from them personally stating how much they enjoyed and appreciated it. Chicken Shack has three locations in the Baton Rouge area, as well as the Chicken Shack Express.

Featured song:

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