What Is God’s Will?

It’s 12:06am, and Caitlyn Jenner’s ABC interview is playing on Bravo. Part of her struggle, in decades of transitioning, was her religious beliefs as a devout Christian. With that said, we immediately think to the wrath of Early God in the Old Testament versus the peace, love and light of Present God in the New Testament. All of this tends to play to the age-old narrative of God’s will—what is God’s will.

What is God’s will?

Some on the more religious end will say that it’s clear in the Bible, hardline rules that if broken, will result in a one-way ticket down the Y-axis. But let me and other spiritual types tell it, aren’t we actually living in God’s will? I’m a strong believer in divine intervention, and that everything happens for a reason whether it’s the food we eat, or the street we choose to turn on. I believe in God’s divine presence. So if everything does happen for a reason, everything having a purpose, how can we as man dictate what is or isn’t God’s will, just because it’s not in the Bible?

Naturally, life isn’t black and white. It isn’t. With everything that may be going on, whether you agree with them or not, what gives man that much power to change course against what’s supposed to be God’s will? To be asked in tandem, how do you know that those “sinful things” aren’t God’s will? It’s mine (and the Bible)’s belief that we are all God’s children, and like any parent, they know their children. I guess this will remain a paradox. That is, until were sent back up to central command, whichever way that may be…

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