New City, New Branding!

I’m a television host. I’m a content creator. I also happen to be a journalist. But it all started with my work in graphic design. My serpentine logo has been with me since 2008, originally created in PowerPoint and Ulead GIF Animator–yes, prehistoric–and updated in Adobe Illustrator as a class assignment in 2013. Using the primary colors of light, the serpentine has seen many other color schemes based on what it was used for, ultimately becoming solid white as I matured into my career.

But upon moving to the Houston area in March 2018, I knew that it was time for a change. Much like the transition from “Javan H.” to “Javan Hamilton,” I wanted to start using something that truly encompasses me at this stage of the game–odd but polished, simple yet dynamic…modest, but solemn. You see, I’ve come a long way since my early YouTube videos from 2008 and my first television work from 2014. I’m a man of many disciplines in which at any given moment, I’m handling multiple aspects of the same project. Any time I come up with a design, it’s usually right the first time because it always comes from the heart, and while I’ve sneaked it in my reels and blogs over the past couple of months, I would like to give a formal introduction to my brand new logo and image:

It was the first idea that popped to mind back in May while at Starbucks, uploading a video to one of my best clients. It’s loosely based on a design my Papie (grandfather) taught me; my initials are JJH, where the two “Js” made musical notes–a reference to my love of music–with the letter “H” coming off the side. I used a stylized version of it for my YouTube channel in 2008:

JJLucasH YouTube Channel, 2008

I ditched it in favor of the serpentine logo due to the design trend of the time (code for ‘I thought it looked cooler’). My current logo is a callback to that, simply using my first and last initials in lowercase. As I’ve said before, I’m a man of many disciplines. But journalism and television hosting have become my primary endeavors, hence the large tittle above the “j” made to resemble a microphone. In addition, the logo itself could remind you of a camera on a tripod. Beneath the main design is my name in Myriad Pro,  my unofficial-official typeface since 2013, with a version that includes my web and email addresses used for reels and signatures.

Along with my new logo comes a new backdrop:

Staying with the city lights theme, I shot this time lapse on Allen Parkway near Eleanor Tinsley Park in Downtown Houston while gathering footage in preparation for an upcoming web series. This is the same photo seen in the header above, and can also be seen across my social media. Further, I’ve taken on a new name for this very site, moving away from fairly anonymous and opting for the more accessible JavanHamilton.TV to go alongside my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube @JavanHamiltonTV.

All of this marks a new chapter in both my career and my life, as I take on a new market and new opportunities with a whole new outlook.

I’m excited.

I can’t hide it…

…and I really like it.

I hope you’ll continue to follow the journey.


Thank you for reading! This website serves as my portfolio for your eyes, ears and mind to indulge in. Feel free to explore this site, where you can view my body of work, as well as learn a little of the method behind the madness. Further, follow me on Facebook and Instagram, look me up on IMDb and subscribe to me on YouTube. I’m also on LinkedIn, and please message me at for any inquiries.


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