I’ve Seen You Somewhere…

“I’ve seen you somewhere…”

I’ve been asked that quite a bit, and QUITE POSSIBLY you have.

Javan Hamilton–‘Javan’ rhyming with ‘The Don’–I’m a broadcast producer, visual effects artist and journalist based in Houston, Texas.

I’ve gotten some of the best education growing up, having been in gifted classes and accelerated schools in New Orleans, Dallas and Baton Rouge since the second grade. A Katrina evacuee, I graduated from Tara High School in 2007, later graduating summa cum laude from the Graphics at Baton Rouge Community College in 2015.

My studies have spawned various projects and opportunities for a litany of clients and partners in Baton Rouge, Houston and beyond while leading me to mentor others in my field. And it’s all documented right here.

See me and my work on This Is Houston, streaming now on the Houston Live TV Network, as well as on MyScene TV and The Don Davis Real Estate Show on YouTube.

Parrain by day–creator by night; with everything I do, I do it:


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