Aerial Photography

In September 2016, I purchased a DJI Phantom quadcopter (drone) to augment my repertoire. My first task was a bumper for MyScene TV at Perkins Rowe. Believe it or not, I crashed the drone, nicknamed “Lovie,” on my first flight. I set it on automatic launch mode, which allows the drone to hover at four feet. However, a gust of wind came, thrusting it into the front of my truck. With battle scars on the blades, I captured three edits from the first test flights. The third and final one features the bumper for MyScene TV.

Test 1 – BREC Highland Rd. Park

My first full flight, using automatic settings and testing basic maneuvers. I then made an attempt over Bluebonnet Blvd., but the mosquitos were eating me alive.

Test 2 – Perkins Rowe at Golden Hour

Now on manual settings the day of the shoot, I used these tests to establish my preferred vantage point, framing and speed.

Test 3 – Perkins Rowe at Night

The final set of flights before putting the bumper together, as seen towards the end. I added more color correction and glow in After Effects, also adding on the MyScene TV logo, slogan and vector graphics.

Now for the kicker: the MyScene TV show open. This was my primary reason for buying the drone when I did. Updating it from season seven (2015), the full logo appeared at the top of the design as the camera zoomed down Third Street downtown. Wanting to up the value, I replaced it with footage flying over Repentance Park towards the Old State Capitol.

MyScene TV Season 8 Intro

Now that the hard work was out of the way, I later began using the drone in interview segments for the show. He’s the profile of Popology Popcorn at Hammond Aire Plaza.

MyScene TV profiles Popology Popcorn

It took a good minute to film these cutaways, as light winds came during the evening.