Other Appearances

Since October 2013, I’ve made various appearances on local TV in Baton Rouge. I can be seen every Saturday at 4:30pm on WBXH Channel 16 for Kent B.’s MyScene TV, the premier broadcast for local business and entertainment. But aside from that, I’ve been seen in number of places from news broadcasts to community talk shows. Let’s take a look:

WVLA NBC33 News Package, October 2013

Long before I began working for this very station, I was featured in a news package and VOSOT by Kris Cusanza about litter on the Mississippi River levee.

BRCC Today with Tammy Brown, April 2014

After a lengthy and complicated backstory, I was chosen as a student spotlight for the public-access show of Baton Rouge Community College. This, as well as my early work for MyScene TV, would kickstart my career in television.

Dianne Andrews In Black & White, January 2016

Now planted firmly into MyScene TV, I appeared on In Black & White hosted by local businesswoman Dianne Andrews to promote the show, then halfway through it’s seventh season.



CBC’s The Fifth Estate, November 2016

In October 2016, I was approached by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for a then-upcoming episode about police body cameras. They needed footage of North Baton Rouge in reference to the shooting death of Alton Sterling, and they requested the use of my footage after seeing one of my MyScene TV segments.

The episode is titled “Police Shootings: Caught on Camera.”