Why I Watch Reality TV

As a culture, we’ve become obsessed with reality TV—these “real,” heavily pre-planned shows (not scripted, because there’s a difference) that steal at least sixty minutes of our time on a daily basis. We’ve become so obsessed that their stars are now household names, have become legitimate celebrities whether we like it or not, and their … Continue reading Why I Watch Reality TV

“The Bold and the Beautiful” — Vicariosity

Look at Steffy and Liam dancing in the courtyard! They're like cute little Pokémon, so beautiful and carefree! Don't they just look adorable? "HELL TO NIZ-NAWH," says Hope from da Block! The plans for the pending nuptials at the Forrester estate all came to a head as Taylor walked in on Hope soon after Rick … Continue reading “The Bold and the Beautiful” — Vicariosity