New City, New Branding!

I'm a television host. I'm a content creator. I also happen to be a journalist. But it all started with my work in graphic design. My serpentine logo has been with me since 2008, originally created in PowerPoint and Ulead GIF Animator--yes, prehistoric--and updated in Adobe Illustrator as a class assignment in 2013. Using the … Continue reading New City, New Branding!

A Rainy Day in Houston

It all started in May of 2017. Actually, it’s more like June of 1995 or the fall of 2013. But let’s just stick with May of 2017… My parents and goddaughters took a trip to Houston to visit my step-uncle for his son’s birthday party. For my eldest goddaughter, it was sheer and utter dread; … Continue reading A Rainy Day in Houston