Baton Rouge; The South’s Barcelona

Yeah, I know, all my post up until know have been about Baton Rouge. Don’t worry there will be post that branch out, but I’m someone who likes to focus on solving problems or celebrating positives for the places I’m in. Right now I live in Baton Rouge and so my post will primarily focus on solving greater urban problems, but using Baton Rouge as a primary subject.

For close to half a year I have lived in this fantastic city recently catapulted to national attention with the high successful Miss USA 2014 Pageant. In that space of time I have fallen in love with this city and will certainly continue to visit it after I leave. The people are very friendly and kind, they take pride in their city and culture. It’s something very unique and special.

It’s it’s atmosphere that truly makes it a shinning gem in a…

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The Sights and Sounds of Downtown Baton Rouge

A few weeks ago I was at the Old State Capitol with some friends from Tampa. In case you are unfamiliar with Baton Rouge’s downtown, their convention center or River-center is located next to the Town Square, City Hall, 19th Judicial Court House, Shaw Center for the Arts, and the Gothic revival Old State capitol (where we started our tour). Now I have been into this area of the city before, alas, not expecting much I did not bring my camera. However, after the first trip I realized that this area had a lot more then I expected and from then on out I vowed to bring my camera the next opportunity I had.

To put it in short “The opportunity was there” as my friend would say. So after our tour was complete I decided to walk around the area and took pictures. This post will mainly be filled with…

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The Gulf Coast Megaregion and America 2050

Baton Rouge locals, you MUST read this article by The Urban Revolutionary.

In 2008 the RPA (Regional Planning Administration) came up with the idea of American ‘megaregions’ and formed the group America 2050 to work with people around the country on proposing plans for each megaregion and how they can bring growth to the country.

Since 2008 the group has not, as far as I can see, done much beyond make some beautiful maps of what these megaregions may look like in 2050. I came across these maps a few months ago and edited them to reflect what I thought the Gulf Coast would really look like by then and the type of America we may live in. I also made a High Speed rail route that would connect the country.

Anyways, today we are focusing on the Gulf Coast Megaregion and over the next week I will have four more articles detailing the Southern Megaregion’s and the overall South- East super-region.

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ADDICTED 2 SUCCESS: 10 Fearless Questions To Ask Yourself

Tomazo Sounds


10 Fearless Questions Every Successful Person Asks Themselves

By: Addicted2Success

1. Am I Harnessing the Power of Small Daily Wins?

2. What’s On The Other Side of This Coin?

3. Am I Outside of My Comfort Zone?

4. Have I Meditated Today?

5. Have I Marked My Accomplishments?

6. Have I Forgiven My Failures?

7. Is it Time for a Re-invention?

8. Is This Task Written Down (in a list)?

9. How is My Grasp?

10. Am I Prepared?

Full Article Here:

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Homage to Newschannel (and to Frank Gari)

MT Does News

The people who know me best know full well I wanna go into the business of broadcast journalism. Ever since I was young, I appreciated the aesthetics of how it worked – how to cover a story (and, to an extent, not cover it), how to make your product sound and look the best, and so on.

Which brings me to a certain factor of news presentation – the music package. Frank Gari invented the modern news package – linking together various themes suited for different parts of the broadcast (weather, sports, etc etc), and linking them all with a mnemonic. A signature. Creating a package always starts from one station that wants a good look – the best in the city. Gari started that with Cleveland’s WEWS. A certain slogan… “Catch 5”.

As the 80s went on, Gari made a name for himself creating great news imaging packages that, in fact…

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