Canvas Rebel (2022)

Oh, my career has been nothing but pivots! […] I’m a journalist; I’m not a politico. But the two are so intertwined, that my news experience pops up, “SURPRISE!!!” […] You never fully realize why you’re in something until that previous experience comes in clutch. That’s when it all makes sense.


“There have been many days and nights–still are–where I completely melt down; “Why am I doing this? How am I doing this? Do I deserve to be doing this??” I overcome these challenges and the impostor syndrome simply by opening up my MacBook and getting busy.”


“I got my first camcorder at the age of 12, and I began re-creating, out of cardboard and Christmas lights, the sets of some of my favorite shows […] I got picked on at school a lot for it, which hurt. It did, they knew it, that’s the point. But I’m the one who’s now reaping the benefits.”

"BRCC TODAY" (2014)

A public-access interview discussing the Graphics program curriculum, as well as future aspirations.

"Dianne Andrews In Black & White" (2016)

I was invited to promote the seventh season of “MyScene TV.”