Javan Does Baton Rouge

I’m a Katrina evacuee born and raised in New Orleans. I first moved to Baton Rouge at age 16, and best believe, it was a culture shock; I head never heard of Walmart closing before midnight, much less Walgreens closing at all. But since then, the Red Stick has become a hotbed for techies, foodies, artists and young professionals.

I spent quite some time hating the city with a passion. However, after moving back to Baton Rouge from Atlanta due to unfortunate circumstances, I felt compelled to give ol’ Istrouma a fair shot. For all that I saw, learned and discovered, I knew that I had to document it in some way. With this website fresh off the presses, combined with my interest in journalism, I decided to comment on these discoveries. Thus ‘Javan Does Baton Rouge’ was born.

This video and blog series highlighted some of my favorite places in and around the capital area; some of these videos have even led to great compliments from the owners.  Likes to the content can be found below.

Javan Does Baton Rouge — Highland Road Park Observatory/International Astronomy Day

Javan Does Baton Rouge — Kathy Griffin at L’Auberge Casino

Javan Does Baton Rouge — Quarters

Javan Does Baton Rouge — TJ Ribs

Javan Does Baton Rouge — The Gilded Lily

Javan Does Baton Rouge was featured on MyScene TV, currently airing Saturdays at 4:30pm on WBXH Channel 16.


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