My hobby was inspired by many composers and their work—from the smooth sounds of BJ Leiderman over the radio to the impeccable arrangement of David Vanacore on TV—with a sound that leans towards elaborate beats and heavy basslines, balanced out by catchy melodies in an airy atmosphere.

I’ve been playing keyboard since the age of 4 on my uncle’s old Yamaha PSR-12 from the ‘80s; I can’t read sheet music to save my life, so anything I play, it’s played by ear. From recording through my old karaoke machine in 2002 to the workstations of today, I’ve since collaborated with several users on YouTube, going on to create theme songs for clients and their productions. Below is some of my work, with more tracks to be added over time.

Music Packages

I Just Did/"BRCC Today" (2014)

10 cuts — I created this package while on a work-study at Baton Rouge Community College.

Taking on new creative responsibilities, I wanted the show to have a soundtrack—something inspirational that would speak to the channel-surfing audience. From there, a new theme song was born; “I Just Did” is a soft-rock track loosely based on the stock music used by the host station, Metro21. BRCC’s slogan is, “Imagine what you can do.” My response: “I just did.”

"MyScene TV" (2010, 2016)

12 cuts — My very first theme for TV, this library was created out of necessity, as the previous stock music would get flagged on YouTube.

Matching the mood of the show, I reworked “f497,” a 2010 tracked named after the American Apparel Flex Zip Hoodie, as the new theme song since 2016. Being an executive producer of the show, I had the ability to remix the song as needed to match new segments, graphics, etc.

"Clearer Focus" (2019)

5 cutsCardiologist Dr. Cordel Parris wanted me to create a theme song for her Sunday morning talk show “Clearer Focus” in Baton Rouge.

Her only request was that it be based on a heartbeat. My first client piece, this music package consists of a primary theme, a medley, bump music, a stinger and a closing theme.

"This Is Houston" (2014, 2018)

9 cuts“This Is Houston” was a web series produced for the Houston Live TV Network based on my blog of the same name.

I repurposed “Green…with the Jaunty Hat” (2014), adding strings and white noise to give it a more energetic vibe for the Houston market. I created a full package including block-to-block bumps to be used at different parts of the show if it became a full telecast.

"Launch" (2004)

Far from a favorite, this track has roots all the way back to 2004! Based on a Scion commercial when I was in high school, I repurposed it in 2012 for my NAS Shuttle Launch series on YouTube, making tweaks here and there over the years.


Vanilla Bean (2014)

A True House-son (2011)