From the smooth sounds of BJ Leiderman over the airwaves to the impeccable arrangement of David Vanacore across TV, many composers and their work serve as my inspiration. My style tends to feature elaborate beats and heavy bass lines, balanced out by catchy melodies in an airy atmosphere.

I’ve been playing keyboard since I was about four years old on my uncle’s old Yamaha keyboard from the 1980s. Don’t you just miss those sub-par sounds and uninspiring presets? I do. No, I’m serious. I can’t read sheet music to save my life, so anything I play, it’s played by ear. Otherwise, re-creating the theme song to Press Your Luck (CBS game show, 1983 – 1986) would have been HELL. I mean, it took almost ten years to master even that! But that’s how much devotion I put into my music. I used to record using a microphone from Walmart, and both my old karaoke machine and my grandfather’s old stereo, alternating between two tape cassettes as I recorded track by track, recording louder and louder since the background tracks grew quieter after each recording.

I got my first computer in 2004 at age 15 and began work with Voyetra’s Record Producer MIDI. It was $50 software with better yet still unsavory sounds, but I made it work. It was at this time that I began composing my own songs. I began using Live 8 by Ableton in 2009 and I gave my babies a much-deserved revamp including new concepts I learned, such as quantizing and mastering. I’ve since collaborated with users on YouTube, and I have more projects to come. Below is some of my work including originals, lyricals and covers, with more songs added over time.

My library, not including covers, is available upon request.

I Just Did

I am currently freelancing for my school, Baton Rouge Community college. In addition to being the on-campus producer of BRCC Today, I’ve also taken on the creative responsibilities. Along with these responsibilities came the idea of a theme song–something inspirational that would speak to the channel-surfing audience. From there, a new theme song was born; “I Just Did” is a soft-rock track loosely based on the stock music used by the host station, Metro21. BRCC’s slogan is, “Imagine what you can do.” My response, “I just did.”

‘Press Your Luck’ Cover

I am a YouTube partner, and it’s mostly because my chain of ‘Press Your Luck’ videos.

I began playing the theme soon after I first heard it in 2002, recording my own versions with my old karaoke machine. Over time, the renditions evolved from pots, pans and a keyboard in 2002, to a further developed production in 2009. Since my first PYL upload that year, these videos have garnered millions of views and hundreds and of likes around the world, making them the focal point of my entire repertoire. Just let the music below speak for itself. While you’re at it, feel free to visit the Press Your Luck page here.

‘Big Brother’ Cover

A summertime staple, I am a proud fanatic of the CBS reality game show Big Brother, following all aspects of BB including the live feeds. For the past several years, I’ve made a name for myself when it comes to my fan intros. But that has since carried over into my theme song covers. In fact, my version was praised in 2013 by the original creators themselves, Vanacore Music.

This is actually a remix of my original cover from 2011, created during #BB13. Vanacore Music further remixed their song in 2012 for #BB14, which ultimately led to me creating this version. With its popularity, I expanded my Big Brother cover to a Dubstep mix akin to the #BB14 theme, as well as a New Orleans Bounce mix. I have two other mixes in waiting. Feel free to visit my Big Brother page here.

Featured Instrumentals

These are some of my favorite instrumentals that I’ve worked on. Different ones will be added and updated over time.

Featured Lyricals

These are some of the lyrical songs that I’ve worked on with other composers and singers. Some of these are also background music and rough drafts of melody ideas. The lyrics can be found in the descriptions for the songs marked “melody rough draft.” Different ones will be added and updated over time.

Featured Theme Song Covers

I seldom listen to music on the radio and I’m an NPR kind of guy. With that said, I’ve always been drawn to scores (production music) like a moth to a flame. Here are some of the theme songs that I’ve covered. These will also be updated over time.

6 thoughts on “Music

  1. Hi. Can i use your Big Brother suite? i will have it for one project (make this realityshow in minecraft for Czech and slovakia and make an ident about this)

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    • I got a response here before I was even able to post links! 😀 Thanks for commenting. As for the “Flip” theme, thanks also. I did remaster it and I plan to upload it very soon. However, I don’t think it could be licensed since whomever has the rights to the show likely claims the theme, logo, etc. also.

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