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Season 9 Graphics Package

Featured Story: Freeman Handcrafted

An interview with furniture designer and LSU alum Conrad Freeman, who recently launched his own wood design shop.

I worked for the East Baton Rouge Parish Library as an aide from 2012 to 2014. In the summer of 2013, flipping channels while doing laundry, I landed on this interesting-looking show on cable channel 16 called MyScene TV, clearly a play on the station it aired on.

In watching it, I saw the many areas in which the broadcast needed improvement, and I knew I would be the perfect person to do it. I came out of my comfort zone by emailing the showrunner, Kent B., asking if his team had any job openings. I even mentioned my Javan Does Baton Rouge blogs, as the show served as inspiration. Unfortunately, no luck.

Six months later, January 2014, I heard from Kent again. He needed a new virtual set, and knew that I would be just the person get it done. I knew that this could be my ticket to getting into broadcasting, and I could not afford to mess this up.

Over the course of two weeks, I nailed it. I ended up making two sets, the latter of which would be used for the events calendar. In it featured footage looking down Fourth Street from the Capitol. This virtual set debuted in March 2014.

Fast-forward to summer 2014, and my designs are now a hit. However, MyScene TV would eventually go on hiatus during season break. During that time, Kent B.’s ten-year-old concept would become a franchise, spinning off segments from New Orleans, Dallas and South Korea. During this time, I would also provide updates to the show’s website before becoming ‘Visual Graphics Producer,’ then co-executive producer, now host.

That brings me to where I am now.

I’ve gotten great response as host of MyScene TV, so much so that it continues to expand my network here in Baton Rouge. Recent shows have played in various restaurants in the area, and I was especially tapped to film an interview before a fundraiser at the Manship Theatre.

MyScene TV Interview: Y’zell Williamson & Varla Jean Merman

Now in the show’s eight season, I’ve begun producing the majority of the Baton Rouge-area packages. I’ve also begun filming the in-studio green screen segments myself, handed off to Kent to be edited into the full broadcast.

Below is some of my latest work for MyScene TV, including hosting, interview productions, promo designs and original music.

Interviews and full-length episodes are available online at ‘MyScene TV‘ airs every Saturday at 4:30pm on WBXH Channel 16. ALSO, FOLLOW @myscenetv ON INSTAGRAM.


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