MyScene TV

Any opinion shared on this website does not reflect those of ‘MSTv.’ In addition, this is MY portfolio page. For the official MSTv website, click HERE.

MyScene TV Season 9 Graphics Package (2017)

MyScene TV – Freeman Handcrafted (2018)

An interview with furniture designer and LSU alum Conrad Freeman at his wood design shop.

MyScene TV is a multi-platform series highlighting local food, music and entertainment in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, now with satellite branches in Dallas, New Orleans, South Korea, Washington, D.C., Daytona Beach and Mexico City. Named after the network on which it aired, I discovered MSTv late one night in 2013 while putting away laundry. I loved the concept and the feel of the show, but I knew that they could use my help when it came to the visual aspect; the show was still in standard definition cropped to 16:9, and relied heavily on stock graphics that said nothing about the program.

MyScene TV episode #506 (2011)

I emailed the MSTv that next day, asking for work as a means of leaving my dead-end job—no luck. Six months later, I heard from showrunner Kent B. once again as he needed an updated virtual set, and in January 2014, this would become my first official foray into broadcast production. The virtual set debuted in March of that year for their mid-season six premiere.

MyScene TV episode #608 (2014)

Over the course of two weeks, I created two concepts, the latter of which would be used for the events calendar and smaller interviews. The designs featured footage looking down Fourth Street from the capitol building.

MyScene TV Virtual Set Reel (2014)

This project led to me joining MyScene TV as ‘Visual Graphics Producer,’ later co-executive producer and host.

MyScene TV – Y’zell Williamson & Varla Jean Merman (2016)

In the show’s eighth season, I began producing the majority of the Baton Rouge-area packages. I also began filming the “in-studio” green screen standups myself, handed off to Ken to be edited into the full broadcasts.

JAVAN HAMILTON 2018 Hosting Reel

MyScene TV episode #1003 cold open (2018)

MyScene TV episode #1007 standup (2019)

I built a pop-up set just before hiatus as a callback to my creative youth.

Below are select stories that I produced for the show.

MyScene TV – Louisiana International Film Festival (2015)

MSTv covered the yearly event in after an early screening of the film Spy with Melissa McCarthy.

MyScene TV – North Baton Rouge (2016)

This story, prompted by an open latter to Baton Rouge officials on Facebook, received recognition from the National Association of Broadcasters. The footage was also used for The Fifth Estate episode “Police Shootings: Caught on Camera” on CBC in Canada.

MyScene TV – New Orleans Jazz Museum (2017)

I spoke with curator and WWOZ-FM host David Kunian about the exhibits at the Old U.S. Mint.

MyScene TV Exclusive – Cane Land Distilling Company (2017)

I was the first journalist to give an in-depth look inside the much-anticipated Cane Land Distilling Company in downtown Baton Rouge. This three-part feature introduces you to their team while taking you behind-the-scenes of the distilling process, as well as giving you a taste of one of their creations.

MyScene TV – Simply Just Joe (2018)

SIMPLÍ designer Joe Hodge was featured in the 2018 Baton Rouge Fashion Week.

MyScene TV – Stardust Roberts (2018)

Days before moving to Houston, I interviewed Star Roberts, a friend from college who works as a freelance photojournalist capturing historic buildings and sites in south Louisiana.

Interviews and full-length episodes are available online at




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