On-Air and Voice Talent

2019 Hosting & Journalism Reel

Since launching this portfolio page, I was brought on as host of the Houston Live TV series This Is Houston.

This Is Houston, 2018-

Launched in the fall of 2018, This Is Houston has brought me before some of the most celebrated businesspeople and artists in the Space City.


2018 MMJ/Feature Journalism Reel

MyScene TV episode #910 standup, 2018

MyScene TV episode #902 standup, 2017

WVLA Local 33 News talent read, 2017

In 2002 at age 13, Papie, my grandfather, got me my first camcorder. In 2008, then 19, I thought up the idea of starting my own video blog series on YouTube. JJH Vlog was launched January 2009, and it was my outlet to share my unique broadcast designs, as well as my staunch opinions, mainly about life, entertainment and politics. But bored with the spamming, the trolling and even the good stuff that came with it, JJH Vlog was scrapped that October.

I returned in 2012 with another series, all while being involved in other YouTube channels. But due to school and work, I was no longer able to commit. Fast-forward to 2015, and I decided to turn my Javan Does Baton Rouge blogs into a video series. It was a hit with local businesspeople and other viewers, and the series would later be featured on Kent B.’s MyScene TV, which would then propel me from co-executive producer to host.

MyScene TV episode #707, 2015

My second episode as host, featuring LaTangela Fay of MAX 94.1. In it was my first local interview, James Jacobs of Magpie Cafe’.

This would garner more approval from the show’s former hosts, LaTangela herself and the viewers alike, upping my confidence and interest in being on-air talent. Much like my video blogs, I eventually got into my own flow and established my own style and delivery. In essence, it was like getting on the bicycle again for the first time, all of it coming back to me.

MyScene TV episode #708, 2016

Hosting MyScene TV was quite the excuse for me to experiment with outfits, going for a sporty look for the in-studio bumps. Fun times with LaTangela, this was easily one of my favorite shoots.

MyScene TV episode #803, 2016

MSTv is an interview show. But because of the content and the that the show is more of a business showcase, I’ve begun filming my actual segments documentary-style, making the stories more about the guest. However, these are a few segments in which I served as interviewer:

MyScene TV Highlight: North Baton Rouge, 2016

MyScene TV Interview: Y’zell Williamson and Varla Jean Merman, 2016


My hosting, paired with my employment at WVLA/WGMB-TV, led to me entering the field of journalism, and the expertise I’ve gotten through various channels further encouraged my turn towards documentary-style production. Here are some of my favorite stories:

MyScene TV Profile: Simply Just Joe, 2018

A rising fashion designer based out of baton Rouge, Joe Hodge became a mutual friend through reporter Tisia Muzinga, a then coworker at WVLA Local 33 News and one of my biggest sources of motivation.

MyScene TV Profile: Freeman Handcrafted, 2018

“Made to make,” Conrad Freeman is a young craftsman based in Mid City Baton Rouge, who recently launched his own woodworking brand as an answer to God’s call.

MyScene TV Profile: Star Roberts Matherne, 2018

Singer and actress Star Roberts Matherne is a friend from college, and author of the upcoming book “A Daughter’s Journey: Dave Vacant and the Mab” about her journey to learn about her birth father.

MyScene TV Profile: Hayride Scandal, 2017

I conducted the first broadcast interview at the newly-opened Hayride Scandal whiskey lounge on College Drive in Baton Rouge. Featured is a demo on how to make their signature cocktail, the Smooth Criminal.


MyScene TV Ep. #910 Cold Open, 2018

MyScene TV Ep. #904 Cold Open, 2017

In doing MyScene TV, I’ve also gained the opportunity to do voice-over work, tracking for promos and various segments. I spent two years working with some of the best-respected newspeople in the Baton Rouge area, and I’ve been blessed to be able to put what I’ve learned to use.

MyScene TV Demo: King Cake @ Mr. Ronnie’s, 2017

A follow-up package using leftover B-roll footage from a previous segment.

MyScene TV Profile: GymFit pt. 2, 2017

A hands-on segment at the Baton Rouge-based acrobatics studio.

NewCorp Inc./Restore LA Web Ad, 2017

Earlier voice work for a flood recovery program. This video was edited and designed for Todd Sterling’s Alpha Media & Public Relations in Baton Rouge.

MyScene TV Profile: Pelican Capworks, 2016

An early voice-over package with artist Ian Vandenberg.

MyScene TV Exclusive: Cane Land Distilling Co., 2017

MyScene TV Profile: LA2LA Designs, 2016

See and hear more below, as well as in the playlists:

MyScene TV episode #814 Promo, 2017