My journalism experience comes from my time with Nexstar Media Group station WVLA NBC Local 33/WGMB Fox 44 News in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. There, I served as photojournalist and production assistant, executing those teachings as host and feature reporter for “MyScene TV: Louisiana,” and later “This is Houston,” a 12-part web series highlighting business and entertainment in the Space City.

“This is Houston” is a spin-off of my blog of the same name.


"MyScene TV" episode #1106

2020 Mardi Gras special featuring Mr. Ronnie’s Famous Hot Donuts, Three Brothers Bakery and the Krewe of Spanish Town.

WVLA Local 33 News – Rebecca Whyte

A news feature with the Baton Rouge community manager for This aired on my final night at the station.

"This Is Houston" – Legacy Lapels

Episode 10 of the 12-part web series, featuring suit maker Ramon Smothers after reaching out to me on Instagram.

"This Is Houston" - The Game Preserve

Episode six of the Houston-based webcast, featuring the wildly popular arcade. This episode garnered more than 2,000 views and over 60 shares in two days on Facebook.

"MyScene TV" Episode #1007 Standup

A studio read for the Baton Rouge-based program.

"MyScene TV" Episode #910 Standup

A remote standup filmed atop Buffalo Bayou Park overlooking Downtown Houston.

"MyScene TV" - GymFit

A two-part story at the premier fitness center in Baton Rouge, updated to reflect their move to a larger facility.

"MyScene TV" – North Baton Rouge

This story, prompted by an open latter to Baton Rouge officials on Facebook, was recognized by the National Association of Broadcasters. The footage was also used for “The Fifth Estate” episode “Police Shootings: Caught on Camera” on CBC in Canada.


Naturally, the above has led to me voicing ads and other projects.

Quarters - Endless Entertainment

Television ad for the Baton Rouge entertainment center.

Hollywood Casino Baton Rouge

Monthly donut for the dockside casino.

"This Is Houston" Promo - Thistle Draftshop

A web promo for episode two of my former Houston Live TV Network series.