On-Air and Voice Talent

2019 Hosting & Journalism Reel


My Papie (grandfather) bought me my first camcorder in 2001 at the age of 12. Eight years later, I launched JJH Vlog on YouTube, resurrecting it under my JAVAN H. banner from 2011 to 2012. In that time, I was able to express my interests in broadcast journalism and hosting, channeling some of my favorite presenters such as Rachel Maddow, Tamron Hall, Don Lemon and Craig Melvin, as well as the anchors I grew up on back home in New Orleans.

My vlogs were about current events, rather than the inconsequential minutia permeating the platform today, which was why I pulled the plug both times. But in 2015, I gave vlogging a third try by turning my Javan Does Baton Rouge blog into a web series. However, it was a spat with a former colleague at MyScene TV that brought me in front of the camera for a television audience, igniting a fire that led to me becoming the permanent host of the multi-platform series since late 2015.

MyScene TV episode #708 (2016)

One of my first episodes, hosting with LaTangela Fay from WEMX Max 94.1 in Baton Rouge.

MyScene TV – North Baton Rouge (2016)

This story, prompted by an open latter to Baton Rouge officials on Facebook, received recognition from the National Association of Broadcasters. The footage was also used for The Fifth Estate episode “Police Shootings: Caught on Camera” on CBC in Canada.

MyScene TV episode #910 standup (2018)

A remote standup filmed atop Buffalo Bayou Park overlooking Downtown Houston.

MyScene TV episode #1003 standup (2018)

A studio read for the Baton Rouge-based program.


A graphic design major with a love of storytelling, I was finally able to sink my teeth into true broadcast journalism by working as a photojournalist for NBC/Fox affiliate WVLA/WGMB-TV, where I was able to learn more about on-air delivery and good storytelling. It was through my experience at WVLA and MyScene TV that I’ve developed a specialty in feature journalism with documentary-style production. All of this culminated in the 12-part web series This Is Houston for the Houston Live TV Network, a spin-off of my blog of the same name.

WVLA Local 33 News – Rebecca Whyte (2018)

A news feature with the Yelp.com Community Manager for Baton Rouge. This aired on my final night at the station.

This Is Houston – The Game Preserve (2019)

Episode six of the Houston-based webcast, featuring the wildly popular arcade. This episode garnered more than 2,000 views and over 60 shares in two days on Facebook.

This Is Houston – Legacy Lapels (2019)

Episode 10 of the 12-part web series, featuring suit maker Ramon Smothers after reaching out to me on Instagram.

MyScene TV – GymFit, pt. 2 (2019)

Part two of a two-part story at the Baton Rouge fitness center, co-owned by competitors from NBC’s American Ninja Warrior.


Naturally, the above projects required voice work, which led to me voicing projects for various clients.

Quarters (2018)

A 30-second spot for Todd Sterling/Alpha Media’s The Jaguar Football Show.

This Is Houston Promo, ‘Thistle Draftshop’ (2018)

A web promo for episode two of my former Houston Live TV Network series.

MyScene TV Episode #1003 Cold Open (2018)

Opening headlines for the third episode of season 10 of MyScene TV.