Voyage Houston: Meet Javan Hamilton

“My entire career began as—I don’t know if you want to call it a fluke or pure God, but it definitely wasn’t planned. I got my first camcorder at the age of 12, and I began re-creating, out of cardboard and Christmas lights, the sets of some of my favorite shows like “Press Your Luck,” “Hollywood Squares,” “I Love the ‘80s,” and “The Flip Wilson Show.” I got picked on at school a lot for it, which hurt. It did, they knew it, that’s the point. But I’m the one who’s now reaping the benefits.” Read more.

January 2016

Dianne Andrews In Black & White

Dianne Andrews interviews host and co-executive producer Javan Hamilton about all things MyScene TV.

APRIL 2014

BRCC Today : Javan Hamilton, Graphics

 Javan Hamilton discusses his graphic design experience and classes at the Acadian Campus (Capital Area Technical College).