Still Graphics

I’m experienced in logo design, print layouts and Illustration through the Adobe Creative Suite.

Logo Design, Treatment & Modification

I have successfully designed logos for various clients and connections, in addition to upgrading existing ones as needed. Many of my logos were for television projects.

Print Layout

I create custom layouts for pamphlets, brochures and more through Adobe InDesign, such as this bi-fold sales sheet from 2016. Click to view the full design.

Similar designs can be found here.

Early Work

Cover Art

These were covers used for my music uploads on YouTube. Click the thumbnails for more information.

Collages and Illustrations

These were class assignments from spring 2012, using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Perk Up, 2012

Made in Photoshop, this collage was a message to myself: stay positive.

The Huntress, 2012

Made in Illustrator, this is a traced photo of Hunter Tylo from the opening to CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful. The source image was used from 1993 until her character’s initial “death” in 2002. Tylo played Dr. Taylor Hayes.

If You Design, They Will Come, 2012

Made in Photoshop and Illustrator, this collage was an advertisement adhering to the criteria of the final assignment. Its purpose was to show off my work while also paying tribute to those that I had done work for. If only I knew the future…




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