Dream Log: 6-18-14 — Baby Turtle

6-18-14 7.24am   I said I wasn’t going to write about this one, but a grown man can change his mind. In last night’s dream, Dr. Jackie Walters from Married to Medicine paid our house a visit. In real life, she’s a busy OB/GYN who wanted a child, and at one point was given a … Continue reading Dream Log: 6-18-14 — Baby Turtle

Dream Log: 6-2-14 — Jaleficent

6-2-14 10.25am   The title of this entry should make sense by the end. I’m in the middle of a sharp transition when it comes to my social life. In tandem, I’ve also had dreams that were even more disturbing than the ones prior. But at this stage of the game, my latest dream took … Continue reading Dream Log: 6-2-14 — Jaleficent

‘GRAVITY’ — All in The Day’s Work

Right on time with my seventh Shuttle launch, Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity opened in theaters. Any true spaceflight and astronomy aficionado like me would normally have a huge beef with Hollywood-tainted space flicks—the launch sequence in Armageddon would have one of us ready to take a Louisville Slugger to the screen. But just as projected, Gravity … Continue reading ‘GRAVITY’ — All in The Day’s Work