Dream Log: 9-23-15–My Scene. MINE!

9-23-15 11.54am The dream opens, and I’m shooting the breeze with Ken, LSU coach Les Miles and Todd Graves, founder of Raising Cane’s. We were at the RiverCenter, resembling the Superdome, filming “in-studio” segments for MyScene TV. Naturally, we were waiting on our reporter, who’s often late. Todd stepped out for a bit, which led … Continue reading Dream Log: 9-23-15–My Scene. MINE!

Dream Log: 6-18-14 — Baby Turtle

6-18-14 7.24am   I said I wasn’t going to write about this one, but a grown man can change his mind. In last night’s dream, Dr. Jackie Walters from Married to Medicine paid our house a visit. In real life, she’s a busy OB/GYN who wanted a child, and at one point was given a … Continue reading Dream Log: 6-18-14 — Baby Turtle

Dream Log: June 5, 2012 and DL: 6-3-12 Follow-Up

Originally typed yesterday, but postponed due to power outage. *GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS BELOW** Wet Trunks--I can't remember much of this dream from yesterday, but I vividly remember being in bed, sharing an intimate moment with a close friend of mine. Yes, it was a sexual dream that many people have, but certain key details stood out. … Continue reading Dream Log: June 5, 2012 and DL: 6-3-12 Follow-Up